• Darrell Tompkins
    7th and 8th Grade

    Technology Education Department: 
    Introduction to Engineering and Technology,
    Principles of Manufacturing, Introduction to STEM

    Room  F103,F104                                       
    Phone: (281)641-5854
    Email: darrell.tompkins@humbleisd.net


    Welcome to West Lake Middle School's
    Technology Education Department


    Mr. Tompkins' Class Schedule

    1st Period- Introduction to Engineering and Technology
    2nd Period- Conference
    3rd Period- Introduction to Engineering and Technology
    4th Period- Principles of Manufacturing
    5th Period- Introduction to STEM
    6th Period- Principles of Manufacturing
    7th Period- Introduction to STEM
    Tutorial Times:
    Tuesday        4:00-4:30 (student must have ride home)
    Thursday       9:30-till first bell
    (or by appointment)
    Online Course Payment Here
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