• Victor Zavala
    7th grade TX History
    Room 307
    (281) 641-4274
    Hello, or shall I say, Howdy!

                 Welcome to Texas History! Together we will explore the history of Texas and the events that have shaped our great state. Please use this site to stay current on things going on in class. I'm excited to walk this year with you.

    If your child was absent please look in Schoology. It will provide you with the schedule of what we are learning each day. It is important to stay current with class material; Absence does not = freebie out of class; it only means we've covered an hour of material you are not familiar with
    "Those Test & Quizzes would've been easier if I would have studied!"
                                                                                -Former 7th grade student
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    *To check out a textbook please call the front office (281) 641-4200 & request a Texas history book for your child. 

    Class Schedule
    Advisory - (8:30 - 9:06)
    1st Period - Texas History (OL) (9:10-10:00)
    2nd Period -Texas History (OL) (10:04 - 10:54)
    3rd Period - Texas History (OL) (10:58 - 11:49)
    4th Period - Texas History (OL) (12:27-1:18)
    5th Period - Texas History (PreAP) (1:22-2:12)
    6th Period - Texas history (Pre-AP) (2:16-3:06)
    7th Period - Texas History (PreAP) (3:10-4:00)
    Thursday Class Schedule
    1st Period - Texas History (OL) (10:15-10:54)
    2nd Period -Texas History (OL) (10:58-11:37)
    3rd Period - Texas History (OL) (1:12:-1:51)
    4th Period - Texas History (PreAP) (11:41-1:08)
    5th Period - Planning Period/Conference  (1:55-2:34)
    6th Period - Texas history (Pre-AP) (2:38-3:17)
    7th Period - Texas History (PreAP) (3:21-4:00)

    Tutorials -Fridays 4:00-4:30
    *or by appointment- please let me know when you are coming & what you need to work on. (Have a plan & don't show up saying "What can I work on?" or "What can I do to improve my grade?")  If you're not sure, look up your grades, study the material you need to, come to tutorials with questions about notes or other class material you are unsure of, check the website, it has everything attached-notes & power points, read the textbook chapters we are covering & then you can retest/corrections.   PLAN + WORK = SUCCESS!
    "Enter to Learn.  Leave to achieve.  Plan.  Prepare. Succeed."