• August 15, 2017
         As I am sure most of you have heard, we have a new building principal, Bryan Applegate.  Mr. McDonald is now the principal at SCHS. 
          I have moved my office out to our little village of temporary buildings.  I am in T-10 and my office number is now 281-641-5354. 
    Are you playing football next year?
          7th Grade Football equipment Pick-up is August 18th from 3:00-7:00 pm in the main Gym.  
          If you miss that date, the Make-up date for picking up football equipment is August 25th from 4:00-6:00pm in the main Gym
           You may not pick up equipment if the coach does not have a 2017-18 physical for you.  You may bring the physical form to equip. pick-up. 
           The parent meeting for football players is August 31st starting at 6:00pm in the main Gym.  
    When are my games (football and volleyball):
    To view sports schedules for this school year, go to this link: Sports Schedules   Type in Woo for the school name, pick a sport, and put Houston as the city
           Important Dates for the Start of Next School Year:
           Aug. 1....Parents new to the school district can call to get a registration appointment
           Aug. 2....Registration appts for students new to the district begin
           Aug. 2 ....You can start updating your HAC account.  If you are having trouble you can call 281-641-8183 or email dataquality@humbleisd.net
           Aug. 9....Cub Camp for incoming 6th graders
           Aug. 16 (9:00-4:00), Aug. 17 (9:00-4:00 and 6:00-8:00) , Aug. 18 (9:00-4:00)....Proof of Residency check....Due to overcrowding we will not be accepting email proof for residency and ALL students must have this done in order to start school on the first day.  If you live in a house you must bring your driver's license and a current (last 30 days) utility bill.  If you are in an apartment you must bring your driver's license and a copy of the apartment lease that includes the student's name on it as a resident.  If you are living with someone else (Address Affidavit) you and the person you are living with must meet with Mr. McDonald. 
           Aug. 22.....Open House for 6th Grade 5:00-6:30
           Aug. 23.....Open House for 7th Grade 5:00-6:30  Students will get their schedules and meet the teachers
          Aug. 24......Open House for 8th Grade 5:00-6:30
           Monday, August 28....1st day of school for students 
    Here is our bell schedule for next school year. It is a little different.  Dismissal is at 4:10   2017-2018 Bell Schedule
           Shopping for school clothes?  Please keep these rules in mind:
    • Jeans may not have holes above the knees unless fabric is behind it (students may wear tights under the jeans)
    • NO earrings on boys .... just wearing a bandaid over the earring is not allowed.  The earring may NOT be worn. District rule.
    • No un-natural hair color....I know this is popular right now but you may not have pink/purple, blue, etc   hair at school.  District rule.
    • Skirts/shorts must be mid-thigh or longer....stand with arms straight down and they should go to fingertips
    • No spaghetti strap shirts or those that expose too much skin
    • No inappropriate sayings or graphics on clothes
    • If you wear tight leggings, the shirt must be long enough to cover your rear and at least same length in the front
    • Our school is often cold so dress in layers
          School Supplies for next year (7th Grade):   We have school supply packets available for ordering online from EPI.  The packets will be delivered to your child in class on the first day of school.  To order go to this website: EPI orders   The school code for Woodcreek is WOO168.  Remember you are ordering a 7th grade pack for next school year.  The last day to order online is July 16th.
    However I know some of you like to shop the sales and buy the supplies yourself so here is the list of what they need for next year: 7th Grade Supply List 17-18 
    Summer Reading:  
           Yes, just like last year all students are expected to read a book off a designated list and do a project.  This really will not take that much time but please don't let them put it off until the end.  Here is the list and all the information:  Summer Reading List and Project
          Physicals for next school year.....If your child is going to be in Athletics, Cheer, or Lionettes they are required to have a 2017-2018  physical on file for next school year. The physical must:
    • Be on a district 2017-18 physical form.....Here is the correct form: Humble ISD Physical 17-18
    • Have the date of examination with clearance
    • Have a physician's stamp 


    Reminders and Policy on Food Allergies: We have students at Woodcreek with life threatening food allergies.  Please speak to your child about the rules/policies that I have attached here: Food Allergy Policy/Practices  We greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone to keep all our students safe and healthy. 

           Immunizations needed before your student can begin 7th grade! :   All 7th graders are required to have a Tdap booster within the last 5 years and a meningococcal (MCV4 or Menactra) vaccine after their 11th birthday.  If your student has received these vaccines, please send an updated shot record to our school nurse.  If your student has NOT received one or both of these vaccines, please make sure he/she receives them prior to the start of next school year.  You can email the record to our nurse at WMS Nurse Email  or fax the record to 281-641-5310.  If you have any questions, please call Nurse Faubion at 281-641-5205.  If you need vaccinations....here is a list of clinics open in the area before school starts: Vaccination clinics
    Calendar for next school year has been approved:  2017-2018 Calendar   The state will not let us start school before the 3rd Monday in August and they have changed from a #days requirement to #minutes.  To help meet this requirement the district is adding 10 minutes to the end of the school day for middle school and eliminating some of our late arrival days.  When you look at the calendar there is some information on the left telling you that we have late arrival each Thursday EXCEPT for the following dates: Sept. 7, Dec. 7, Jan. 4, Jan. 18, Feb. 22, March 29, April 5, and May 10.
    Woodcreek Annual Fund Link       Rather than having kids sell candy or wrapping paper or candles or coupon books (don't you hate that?)....we are asking parents that want to donate to our school to support our Annual Fund. It is tax deductible and 100% goes to our school.  Here is the link to the information:   Woodcreek Annual Fund   
    Please put your child's name on everything: backpack, lunchbox, gym clothes, key chain, agenda, inside tag of jackets, inside shoes... they leave stuff everywhere and we will get it back to them if we have a name.  First initial and last name is enough.  
      If you have not done so yet, please join my Remind group!!  I send out text messages specifically about your grade level.  Students are also allowed to join.  To join all you need to do is send a text message to the number 81010....the text message should read @wms6th2016   If you do it correctly you will get a message back that you have joined my group. 
     If you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call me.    I am looking forward to a fun, successful 3 years of middle school with all of you!
    Tanya Close 7th Grade Asst Principal
     tanya.close@humbleisd.net  281-641-5354