• October 25, 2017

      Middle School #9
       Today the students who will be zoned to Middle School #9 next year had the opportunity to meet with the principal , Mr. Ken Hodgkinson.  If you are not sure if your child will attend that school, here  is the approved zoning map for Middle School #9: Middle School #9 Zone  We have approximately 150 seventh grade students who will attend their 8th grade year at that school.  
        I have also attached the presentation that he showed the students:  Dr. Hodgkinson's presentation  There will also be one more parent presentation night on Tuesday, November 7th, from 6:30-7:30pm at Timberwood Middle School, for those of you that would like to meet Dr. Hodgkinson and hear more about the plans for the school.   The students left the meeting very excited about the plans for next year.   Let me know if you have any questions. 
       This Week is Red Ribbon Week.  This is a week dedicated to the awareness of the killing and destruction of lives caused by drugs in America.  It started after the murder of a DEA agent, Enrique Camarena, and the first Red Ribbon Week was in 1988.
        Here are the themes: 
       Monday: Turn your Back on Drugs....wear your shirt backwards
       Tuesday:  Lei Off Drugs.....wear a lei or Hawaiin clothing
       Wednesday:  Block out Drugs.....wear sunglasses
       Thursday:  Use your Head.....wear a hat
       Friday:  Team up Against Drugs.....Favorite team jersey or shirt
         Starting Monday, Oct. 9 the following ID procedures will be in place:
    • students must wear their student ID at all times so it is easily visible...face may not be covered or defaced
    • students without an ID will be sent to the AP office for a temporary ID sticker good for one day
    • students are given 3 temporary IDs without a consequence for the year....this does NOT reset each grading period
    • after the 3 have been used, d-halls will be assigned for those students without an ID
    • new IDs can be purchased in the AP office before school and at B lunch daily....$3 gets ID, plastic cover, and lanyard


    Toy Slam Pep Rally:

        Our first pep rally will be Friday, Nov 10, during 7th period. To attend the pep rally you must donate a new unwrapped toy (still in original packaging or with price tag still attached) or $5.00. We will begin collecting toys and money on Oct.30 outside the gyms each morning until the pep rally day. Don’t miss out on this great event and an opportunity to help a child have a merrier holiday. All toys will be donated to HAAM and the money will be spent to buy more toys for donation.

         Science:   Students just finished their units on The Cell.   Projects were due this week for OL.  PreAP Science: the Dessert part of your cell menu is due Monday, Oct. 30.
          TX History:  Test on Missions is Friday, Oct. 27
           Math:    OL Math Test on Wednesday, Nov. 1 over Composite Area and PreAP Math Test on Friday, Nov. 3 over surface area and volume.
           RELA:  This week the students will take a cumulative test on Groups #1-5 of Knowsys vocabulary.
    Woodcreek Annual Fund: 
          Please consider donating to our Annual Fund.  We do this instead of asking your kids to sell candy or wrapping paper or coupon books (don't you hate that?).  It is tax deductible and 100% of the money donated goes to our school!  Last year we used the money to buy Chrome books for the kids to use and to help fund our end of the year parties!  You can give as little or as much as you like....every bit helps! Here is more informatin about the levels of donating the prizes for this year: WMS Annual Fund Brochure       Here is the link to donate: Woodcreek Annual Fund
    When are my games (football and volleyball):
    To view sports schedules for this school year, go to this link: Sports Schedules   Type in Woo for the school name, pick a sport, and put Houston as the city
    Here is our bell schedule for this school year. It is a little different.  Dismissal is at 4:10   2017-2018 Bell Schedule
           Shopping for school clothes?  Please keep these rules in mind:
    • Jeans may not have holes above the knees unless fabric is behind it (students may wear tights under the jeans)
    • NO earrings on boys .... just wearing a bandaid over the earring is not allowed.  The earring may NOT be worn. District rule.
    • No un-natural hair color....I know this is popular right now but you may not have pink/purple, blue, etc   hair at school.  District rule.
    • Skirts/shorts must be mid-thigh or longer....stand with arms straight down and they should go to fingertips
    • No spaghetti strap shirts or those that expose too much skin
    • No inappropriate sayings or graphics on clothes
    • If you wear tight leggings, the shirt must be long enough to cover your rear and at least same length in the front
    • Our school is often cold so dress in layers


    Reminders and Policy on Food Allergies: We have students at Woodcreek with life threatening food allergies.  Please speak to your child about the rules/policies that I have attached here: Food Allergy Policy/Practices  We greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone to keep all our students safe and healthy. 

    District Calendar for this year:  2017-2018 Calendar   The state will not let us start school before the 3rd Monday in August and they have changed from a #days requirement to #minutes.  To help meet this requirement the district is adding 10 minutes to the end of the school day for middle school and eliminating some of our late arrival days.  When you look at the calendar there is some information on the left telling you that we have late arrival each Thursday EXCEPT for the following dates: Sept. 7, Dec. 7, Jan. 4, Jan. 18, Feb. 22, March 29, April 5, and May 10.
    Please put your child's name on everything: backpack, lunchbox, gym clothes, key chain, agenda, inside tag of jackets, inside shoes... they leave stuff everywhere and we will get it back to them if we have a name.  First initial and last name is enough.  
      If you have not done so yet, please join my Remind group!!  I send out text messages specifically about your grade level.  Students are also allowed to join.  To join all you need to do is send a text message to the number 81010....the text message should read @wms6th2016   If you do it correctly you will get a message back that you have joined my group. 
    Important Dates coming up: 
    Thursday, Oct. 12.....Pink OUT for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
    Thursday, Oct. 12......7th grade Volleyball game vs HMS at HMS
    Monday, Oct. 16.........7th grade Football game vs RMS at SCHS
    Thursday, Oct. 19.....7th grade Volleyball game vs TMSat WMS
    October 20.......End of 1st grading period
     If you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call me.    I am looking forward to a fun, successful 3 years of middle school with all of you!
    Tanya Close 7th Grade Asst Principal
     tanya.close@humbleisd.net  281-641-5354