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    For information on Humble ISD's Special Services Department and resources: 

    Special Education 


    Sarah Garcia - Special Services Campus Specialist


    Kinsey Byrd - In-Class Support & Basic Math 

    Lynda Vinot - Dyslexia & Basic Reading/Language Arts 

    Louann Stroud- In-Class Support

    Jennifer Koch - In-Class Support 

    Emilie Lowe - In-Class Support 

    Darla Bunck - In-Class Support 

    Karen Leath - In-Class Support

    James Jackson - Social Skills & In-Class Support

    Sherina Phlegm - Diagnostician

    Ashley Severance - Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP)

    Melody Kent - Campus Support Team Assistant (CSTA)

    Amber McIlroy - Speech Pathologist

    Lori Bice - In-Class Support Para
    Hannah Cunningham - In-Class Support Para

    Stephanie Dool - In-Class Support Para

    Katlyn Swearingen - In-Class Support Para

    Mike Grofman - Applied Skills Teacher

    Mona Ortiz - Applied Skills Para

    Karen Mennen - Applied Skills Para

    Patrick Kelly - Behavior Continuum Teacher

    Tori Richardson - Behaivor Continuum Para   
    LaKesha Roberts
    - Behaivor Continuum Para  

    Esther Glazebrook - Life Skills Teacher

    Kerri Bettes - Life Skills Para

    Gina Ellis - Life Skills Para  

    Brent Nabors - Severe Communication Disorder Teacher

    Heather Gardner - Severe Communication Disorder Para  
    Reannon Gentry
    - Severe Communication Disorder Para  



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