• Welcome to Miss Coach Lloyd's AVID & Girls Athletics Page

    LaToi Lloyd

    6th Grade AVID & Athletics

     Room 403


    (281) 641-4050


    Welcome to my AVID elective class at Humble Middle School.

    It is a pleasure to teach your child and I welcome your input to make sure they

    have a successful 2022-2023 school Year.


                     Daily Schedule
    1st Period 8:20am- 9:20am 
    2nd Period 9:24am-10:16am
    3rd Period 10:20am-11:12am 
    4th Period 11:16am-1:20pm (Lunch Period)
    5th Period 1:24pm-2:16pmn(Conference)
    6th Period 2:20pm-3:12pm
    7th Period 3:16pm-4:05pm 

     Virtual  Office Hours: 8:00am-8:30am & 3:30pm-4:30pm