• Dear Parents,

    Welcome to a new school year I am excited to meet each and everyone of my students and parents.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me though email. This year we are doing some new and exciting thing at HMS and I cant wait to get started on our journey to success!

    Humble Middle School
    AVID Department
    Joshua Grimes   
    Avid Elective Teacher 
    Room 404
    Mr. Grimes Class!

    Mr. Grimes classroom is a positive environment where learning can and will take place.  Students will be required to be fully engaged and do their best each and every day.

    1st: AVID 8th 
    2nd: AVID 8th
    3rd: AVID 7/8
    4th AVID 7th
    5th Conference
    6th: AVID 8th
    7th: AVID 7th

    Tutorials: Scheduled upon request 

    Please contact Mr. Grimes if you need aditional tutoring.