• June 8, 2017
    New-to-District Registration Information:
    Aug. 1 - Parents new to the school district can call to get a registration appointment
    Aug. 2Registration appointments for students new to the district begin
    Incoming 6th Grade Orientation:
    Aug. 9 - Cub Camp for incoming 6th graders
    Proof of Residency check:
    Aug. 16  9:00-4:00
    Aug. 17  9:00-4:00 and 6:00-8:00
    Aug. 18  9:00-4:00
    • Due to overcrowding we will not be accepting email proof for residency  
    • ALL students must provide documentation for proof of residency in order to start school on the first day.  
    • If you live in a house you must bring your driver's license and a current (last 30 days) utility bill.  
    • If you live in an apartment you must bring your driver's license and a copy of the apartment lease that includes the student's name on it as a resident.  
    • If you are living with someone else (Address Affidavit) you and the person you are living with must meet with Mr. McDonald. 
    Open House Dates:
    Aug. 22 - Open House for 6th Grade 5:00-6:30
    Aug. 23 - Open House for 7th Grade 5:00-6:30 
    Aug. 24 - Open House for 8th Grade 5:00-6:30
    Monday, August 28 - 1st day of school for students 
     Athletic Summer Camps:
    There are quite a few summer camps available for students to help them keep in shape and learn skills before tryouts next year in Athletics.  Most of the camps are at SCHS.  Here are the links to the information:
    School Supply List for next year (8th grade):
    School supply packets from EPI will be available for purchase soon. This website will be updated when ordering becomes available.  If you like to shop the sales and buy the supplies yourself, here is the list for 8th Grade Supply List 2017-18  
    Summer Reading:
    All students are expected to read a book off a selected list with a project over the reading they chose. Here is a list of all the information:
    After logging into HAC, how do I view my child's  REPORT CARD? 
    1. Click on the A+ Grade TAB at the top of the page that looks like this        Grades
    2.  Then, click on the Report Card Tab that is next to the IPR Tab REPORT CARD TAB
    Humble ISD has changed to gmail. My new email address is dania.rovegno@humbleisd.net (also at the bottom of this page)
    Physicals for next school year.....If your child is going to be in Athletics, Cheer, or Lionettes they are required to have a 2017-2018  physical on file for next school year. The physical must:
    • Be on a district 2017-18 physical form.....Here is the correct form: Humble ISD Physical 17-18
    • Be conducted AFTER February 1, 2017
    • Have the date of examination with clearance
    • Have a physician's stamp  
    On Monday, April 10th, the coaches will take current PE students on buses after school to SCHS to get their physicals. This is not mandatory but is an easy way to get the physical done.   The cost is $20 and the students will need to be picked up at SCHS when they are finished.  If your child needs a physical but is not currently enrolled in PE they can still go to SCHS that afternoon to get their physical but will need their own transportation. 
    Students currently in athletics will get their physicals done during class. 
    Please go to this link WMS ANNUAL FUND to learn more about donating money to WMS. Money raised will go towards three key areas for our WMS students:
    • Technology such as chromebooks, computers and iPads; Currently, we areblessed with 6 iPad carts and 2 Chromebook carts (180 iPads and 60 Chromebooks but wehave 1,600 Students that share those 240 devices)
    • Professional Development for teachers in technology: Having technology is only  beneficial if those teaching the students are knowledgeable as to the use of the devices. Google and Apple training for teachers is essential in ensuring the technology is used to the greatest potential. 
    • Fine Art and Extra-Curricular enhancement: Student involvement is critical to the success of Woodcreek; therefore, our sponsors will be able to utilize annual funds to build, create and improve conditions for our students.
    Thank you in advance for your donation!
    Email Alerts regarding grades and attendance now available through HAC (Home Access Center)
    Parents can now subscribe to email alerts from HAC for the following:
    (1) Course Averages
    (2) Assignment Grades
    (3) Attendance
    Parents can set a threshold for grades to get alerted when their child's grade average or a grade on an assignment is below the threshold that is set.  Parents who sign up will receive an email alert regarding grades every Friday at 4:30 PM.  
    To sign up for attendance and grade alerts, please follow the directions found at this link: Parent ALERT Directions
    Reminders about DRESS CODE EXPECTATIONS before you go shopping for school clothes:
    • jeans/pants cannot have holes above the knee that do not have fabric or leggings covering the skin
    • dresses, skirts and shorts must be mid-thigh or longer
    • girls may wear leggings as long as their shirt completely covers their bottoms and is equally long in the front
    • no spaghetti strap shirts, backless shirts, or shirts with large armholes (we should not see bra straps)...no low-cut shirts
    • no hats or head coverings are worn inside the building
    • no sagging pants
    • no shirts or clothing with inappropriate designs or sayings
    • boys may not have earrings...no other visible piercings allowed other that girls with pierced ears
    Please put YOUR CHILD's NAME (first initial & last name) on EVERYTHING: backpack, lunchbox, gym clothes, agenda, shoes, etc...We will return lost items that have the student's name on them.  
    Go to: Bus Route Finder. Put in your address, zip code, and your child's grade level.  You will be given (a) the Bus Route Number, (b) the location of the bus stop, and (c) the morning pick-up time.
     Please join the WMS PTA.  This is a fantastic organization that supports our school and helps purchase items for the classrooms.  To register and join go here:  http://www.wmspta.com   This site will also help keep you up to date on what is going on at Woodcreek and provide opportunities for you to get involved with our school.  I am happy to say that our board members all have incoming 6th grade students and are a very enthusiastic group!
    Here are some other IMPORTANT DATES for your calendar: 
     August 9                   Cub Camp for Incoming 6th Graders
     August 16, 17 & 18  Proof of Residency Check (see above for times)
    August 22                  6th Grade Open House, 5:00 - 6:30 PM 
    August 23                  7th Grade Open House, 5:00 - 6:30 PM
    August 24                  8th Grade Open House, 5:00 - 6:30 PM
    August 28                  FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS 
    Dania Rovegno
    8th Grade Assistant Principal