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    Facial Grammar. Go BIG or go home.

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    Information for student success in the language classroom


    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:


    Our World Languages department would like to welcome you to the new school year. The following is an outline of

    our expectations and goals for this year, as well as some guidelines to help you and your student better understand

    our programs. Our focus is on the learning, so it is imperative that students realize the importance of studying and

    preparing for assessments.


    AHS offers the following languages: Spanish, French, Latin and American Sign Language, and our goals are to

    facilitate the learning of the language for the purpose of graduation, and to encourage continued studies in the target

    language at a satisfactory level or above.


    Obtaining credit for graduation:

    - In order to meet our state required plan for graduation, each student must complete at least two years of the same

    language as outlined by the recommended graduation plan.


    Classroom expectations:

    - All students will come prepared to class with all necessary learning materials including textbook, workbook,

    notebook, pen or pencil, and any other required materials.

    - All students will complete all of the required coursework in a timely manner, as outlined by the teacher.

    - All students will follow school rules and policies as outlined by the student handbook (Dress code, ID badge, etc.).

    - Use of an online translator will be considered cheating, and may result in both a grade of zero and a principal

    referral. The AHS Eagle Policies clearly state that technology may not be used to cheat on assignments or tests

    or for non-instructional purposes (such as making personal phone calls and text/instant messaging, surfing

    the internet). (See p. 6)

    - AHS Cell Phone Policy: Students are allowed to use personal technology devices that can access the Internet for

    educational purposes as determined by the classroom teacher. Students will be allowed to use the device between

    classes and in the cafeteria setting in a digitally responsible manner (p. 6).

    - Good attendance is vital in order to do well in any class. Please make time to communicate absences and also

    request class work from the teacher. Please review our late work policy below.



    - The first level of any language course provides the basic knowledge and skills that are essential to the success in any

    of our courses. Here are our recommendations for success:

    o Pay close attention and practice as much as possible to ensure success not only in year one, but also in the

    following year(s).

    o Take time to practice vocabulary and grammar points. Studies have shown that students that practice at

    least 10 minutes a day have a much higher success rate.

    o Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    o Take advantage of tutoring. Tutoring times are available online on the teacher’s website and are visibly

    posted in the classroom.




    Grading policy:

    - Our grading scales vary per course and academic expectation. All grading scales are divided into: formative

    (formation of knowledge) which includes daily work and quizzes; and summative (assessment of knowledge) which

    includes tests, formal presentations and projects.

    - Students need to be careful not to let their grades drop below a 75. Studies show that students that fall below a 75

    are more at risk of failing the course.

    - A student who is struggling in any course should consult their teacher as soon as they realize they are having


    - We have a reassessment policy; please see below for more information.

    - If you have any questions about our policies, please contact your student’s teacher for clarification.


    Grading Scales for World Languages

    • Academic Courses

    o Formative 40%

    o Summative 60%

    • Pre-AP and AP Courses

    o Formative 30%

    o Summative 70

    AHS Reassessment Parameters 2019 - 2020

    • Students have a deadline of one week to reassess after receiving the original graded assessment.

    • Dual Credit: At this time, reassessment opportunities are not available.

    • AP Courses: At this time, reassessment opportunities are not available.

    • Level Courses/Honors/PreAP Courses: Students may choose to reassess one summative assessment per 9 week

    period. The original assessment and reassessment grades will be averaged regardless of the second test score.

    • Reassessment may not be available for the last summative assessment of a grading period due to time constraints.

    • Students may be reassessed on the objective(s) they missed and in the modality the teacher selects, i.e., a different

    test, oral defense, written modes, explanations, demonstrations, etc.

    • If students want an opportunity to be reassessed on a summative assessment, students must:

    1. Attend at least 1 tutorial session on the non-mastered material.

    2. Make corrections to the original assessment and discuss the assessment with the teacher during tutorials.

    3. Complete all missing assignments pertaining to the unit they want to reassess. Late work policy will apply.

    4. Complete the reassessment form requiring both teacher and parent signatures.


    AHS Late Work Policy


    Summative Projects/Major Papers and Essays/Major Labs/Formative Assessments:


    On time: full credit

    1 day late: max of 80

    2 days late: max of 60

    3 days late: max of 40

    4 days late: max of 20

    5 days late: 0