• Nathan Lee Hello and welcome to the Physical Education page for Shadow Forest Elementary!  I look forward to another great year of increasing each child's ability to understand how their body moves, why physical activity is so important for learning, and challenging them to improve in their physical skills each time they come to class.  Below are the Physical Education Expectations I share with the students at the beginning of the year.  Please take a moment to review them and feel free to contact me with any questions.


    Physical Education Expectations


    1. Play
      1. Participation is a requirement!  You will receive a participation and skills grade.
      2. Do your personal best.
      3. Be prepared to learn.
      4. Move safely and in control.
    2. Have Fun
      1. Make sure you dress appropriately.  It’s no fun if you don’t have the right clothes on.
      2. Try your best.
      3. Try new things.
    3. Be Positive
      1. Be polite and respectful.
      2. Help others and cooperate.
      3. Demonstrate great sportsmanship.
      4. Leave with a smile.
    4. Be Respectful
      1. Be respectful in how you talk to your teachers and other students
      2. Be respectful of teachers by paying attention to instruction
      3. Be respectful of equipment
        1. Don’t touch until told to. Safety first!
        2. Only use equipment for its intended purpose.




          1. Students will receive 10 points per day for participating positively in the activities.
          2. Skill and written tests may also take place during the school year.



          1. Verbal warning (conduct mark)
          2. Short time out from activity, partial loss of participation points (-5 pts, on 3rd conduct mark)
          3. Removal from activity.  Loss of all participation points for the day.  Parents contacted.


          Restricted Physical Education

          1. If a student is unable to participate in physical education class due to illness/injury, a note from the parent explaining the cause of the problem is required.  This note can be in effect for up to three consecutive school days of instruction.  However, if a student is still unable to participate in physical education after three consecutive days, a doctor’s note is recommended and to be kept on file in the nurse’s office with a copy being given to the PE teacher.  If a student is unable to participate for an extended period of time, not exceeding 6 months, the building principal will work in conjunction with the specials team to best determine an alternative placement until a doctor’s note releases the student to resume regular physical education class.


          Medical Exemptions

          There are no waivers for physical education. The ARD and 504 committees are the only groups authorized to provide an alternative substitution for the physical education requirement.


    Nathan Lee

    Physical Education Teacher K-5