• Winnie

    Certified Therapy Dog
    North Belt Elementary 
    Canine Counselor
    My purpose as NBE's Canine Counselor, is to promote calmness, support the emotional well-being of students, encourage social interaction and increase reading abilities.
    Counseling services at NBE include individual or group counseling, guidance lessons, parent and/or teacher conferences, and referrals. I am a new member of the Counseling Team this year. I am a six year old female Weimaraner and have been trained to work with reading groups, counseling sessions, and classroom guidance. My presence has been made possible by the generous donation of the NBE PTA which funded my extensive dog training to prepare for the Good Canine Citizen certification.

    We all have stressful days and hard times. Students need to feel they have a calm place for regrouping their feelings. Through the NBE counseling program, our goal is for the student to return to the classroom ready to learn and succeed.

    If you DO NOT want your child to work with me, please contact School Counselor, Kara Peck.

    5 Things to know about me (and all pets):
    1.  Be gentle and calm.
             Please don't make sudden moves and startle me.  Please don't pet me too hard or pull on my ears or tail.
    2.  Understand that I am not a toy.
             I'm always happy to see you, but sometimes I don't want to play.
    3.  There must always be an adult present when children play with me.
             I feel safer for both you and I when there's an adult nearby.  Don't you?
    4.  Help take care of my basic needs and respect my moods.
             I need my owner to feed me, give me fresh water every day, give me a safe place to sleep and play, and help keep me clean.
    5.  Treat me with kindness and make me feel safe. 
             Please don't pinch me or pull on my tail or ears.  Please don't do anything I wouldn't expect.