• Counseling Services


    The middle school counseling staff offers counseling services to all students throughout the school year. We not only meet individually with students, but also provide yearly counseling groups, and work with classroom teachers to present lessons on a variety of topics.

    Individual Counseling

    • Short and long-term goals
    • Career interests
    • Academic progress and interests
    • Extracurricular interests (in and out of school)
    • High School preparation and course selection (during 8th grade meetings)


    Group Counseling

    Counseling groups are offered annually to all students in grades 6- 8. Counselors enter classrooms to discuss the various groups and allow students to sign up, if interested. Parents and teachers are also more than welcome to recommend a student for a group. Groups usually run between five and ten weeks.

    Counseling groups meet on a weekly basis for roughly 30 minutes at differing times, so that students do not miss the same class several times.  Past counseling groups have included:

    • Peer Relationships
    • Study & Organizational Skills
    • Academic Awareness
    • Family Relationships
    • Stress Relief
    • Anger Management
    • Grief & Loss
    • Growth & Awareness 
    • Skills for Life
    • Career Exploration 
    • College Exploration 


    Most students end up participating in at least one counseling group during their three years at Woodcreek Middle School.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact the counseling office.


    Classroom Counseling

    Counselors present classroom lessons throughout the year on a variety of topics including, academic achievement, goal setting, disability awareness, mental health, internet safety, and communication skills.  All students this year received instruction on bullying and conflict, including strategies for addressing bullying situations, recent bullying-related legislation, and tolerance.

    All counselors introduce themselves students at the beginning of the school year with a presentation on middle school counseling services. In addition, counselors meet every nine weeks with 6th-8th grade students.