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    Official Attendance Times:
    Grades K-5......8:00am-3:20pm
     When absent and upon returning to school, all students must bring a note signed by a parent or guardian with the date and the reason for the absence.
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    Lost & Found
    Please check the area by the back door (at the end of the foyer) if your child has lost something.
    Change of Address
    Please notify the school with any changes of address or phone numbers within 2 days.  We need to be able to reach you if your child is ill. 
                     late work
    Late Work / Make-up Work
    Late Work - Any assignment not submitted upon the teacher's request is considered late.  Late work can be assigned a grade of 50.
    Make-up Work - Students must make up work missed while absent.  You must contact the teacher about make-up work.  If the student is absent 1 day, he has 1 day to make up the work.  If a student is absent 2 days, he has 2 days to make-up the work, etc.