Service Learning

  • Mission:
    The mission of Humble ISD Service Learning is to make service learning a distinctive part of the education and life experiences of ALL students. By integrating service and reflection with education, students gain valuable experience as they apply academic skills to empower those in need through mutually beneficial activities for both campus and community.

    Humble ISD will be a national leader in innovative service learning by…

    • Empowering students and faculty to exceed academic and personal goals through connecting curricular content to meaningful service
    • Encouraging students to actively and reflectively make a difference in themselves and society through civic engagement.
    • Contextualizing education for students and faculty beyond the classroom, situating  their learning within the needs of local and global communities

    Humble ISD Service Learning values…

    • Appreciation of the academic and social value of community engagement
    • Collaboration with community partners fostering mutually beneficial relationships
    • Innovation in both educational strategies and system structures to facilitate powerful learning experiences
    • Preparation of educators for service learning initiatives through meaningful, applicable, and practical professional development
    • Reflection and Celebration of service to all stakeholders within the district and community
    • Documentation of qualitative and quantitative impact of service

Service Learning Team