Welcome to JFE!

  • Message to Parents:

    Your child's new school is a rainbow of races, cultures and languages. We work well together because we are after the same goal - LEARNING! We teach the 3 "R's" which are: Respect, Responsibility and Reliability. Our Mission Statement is driven by three important questions:

    • What do we want them to know?
    • How do we know that they have learned?
    • What do we do if they don't learn as they should?

    Our purpose is to establish a positive learning environment so that every child is successful.

    How Can Parents Help?

    Parents can help the school by:

    • making sure homework is completed
    • asking how your student's day was
    • reading together every night
    • helping students practice math facts
    • attending as many school events as possible.

    When you do these things, you show your child that school is important.