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Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Title/Dept Email
Acosta, Jeanette Teacher - Foreign Language jeanette.acosta@humbleisd.net
Adams, Charles CATE - Career Human Services charles.adams@humbleisd.net
Adrian, Karina Teacher - Science karina.adrian@humbleisd.net
Alford, Kasey Counselor kasey.alford@humbleisd.net
Allen, Krystol SPED Para - Applied Skills krystol.allen@humbleisd.net
Allen, Melissa Teacher - Social Studies melissa.allen@humbleisd.net
Anaya, Sandra Assistant Principal Secretary sandra.anaya@humbleisd.net
Armstrong, Joel Teacher - PE Athletics joel.armstrong@humbleisd.net
Arnick, Shaquita Teacher - Elective (MAPS) shaquita.arnick@humbleisd.net
Arvizo, Jillian Teacher - Math jillian.arvizo@humbleisd.net
Austell, Darishia CATE - Child Dev darishia.austell@humbleisd.net
Avalos, Dulce Teacher - Science dulce.avalos@humbleisd.net
Balderas, Raquel Teacher - Science raquel.balderas@humbleisd.net
Banks, Jarrian Teacher - English jarrian.banks@humbleisd.net
Banks, Keon Teacher - CTE keon.banks@humbleisd.net
Barad, Rikta Assistant Registrar rikta.barad@humbleisd.net
Barlow, Lahershemyromana Teacher - Data and Accountability lahershemyromana.barlow@humbleisd.net
Barrett, Jennifer Athletic Trainer jennifer.barrett@humbleisd.net
Barrett, Madinah SPED Teacher - ICS madinah.barrett@humbleisd.net
Barron, Canisha Teacher - Science canisha.barron@humbleisd.net
Barron, Ladarius CATE - Business Teacher ladarius.barron@humbleisd.net
Bedru, Sophy Teacher - Math sophy.bedru@humbleisd.net
Benavidas, Christina Nurse christina.benavidas@humbleisd.net
Benoit, Cheyenne CATE - Agriculture cheyenne.benoit@humbleisd.net
Bentley, Jared CATE - Engineering jared.bentley@humbleisd.net
Bernabo, Leaugan Teacher - Art leaugan.bernabo@humbleisd.net
Bernier, Dustin Teacher - Social Studies dustin.bernier@humbleisd.net
Berry, Shelane Counselor - At Risk shelane.berry@humbleisd.net
Bibens, Mary SPED Para - BC mary.bibens@humbleisd.net
Black, Krystle Counselor krystle.black@humbleisd.net
Blanton, Delicia Teacher - English delicia.blanton@humbleisd.net
Blouin, Jon Teacher - Choir jon.blouin@humbleisd.net
Boffman, Julie Teacher - Math julie.boffman@humbleisd.net
Boffman, Landon Teacher - Elective (MAPS) landon.boffman@humbleisd.net
Bornsheuer, Austin SPED Para - Life Skills austin.bornsheuer@humbleisd.net
Boutte, Jianna Teacher - PE / Credit Recovery jianna.boutte@humbleisd.net
Braden, Carla Counselor carla.braden@humbleisd.net
Bridges, Carolyn SPED Teacher - Life Skills carolyn.bridges@humbleisd.net
Bringmann, Logan Teacher - Social Studies logan.bringmann@humbleisd.net
Briones, Arlett Registrar Secretary arlett.briones@humbleisd.net
Broussard, Janet Instructional Coach - English janet.broussard@humbleisd.net
Brown, Nora Para - ISS nora.brown@humbleisd.net
Bryant, Angela Teacher - Math angela.bryant@humbleisd.net
Bryant, Erika Teacher - Science erika.bryant@humbleisd.net
Byrd, Quinton SPED Teacher - ICS quinton.byrd@humbleisd.net
Campos, Mildret SPED Para - Life Skills mildret.campos@humbleisd.net
Carandang, Anthony Teacher - Math anthony.carandang@humbleisd.net
Carroll, Kristopher SPED Teacher - ICS kristopher.carroll@humbleisd.net
Casterjon, Jessica Teacher - English jessica.casterjon@humbleisd.net
Castillo, Juan Associate Principal juan.castillo@humbleisd.net
Castillo, Thania Teacher - ESL thania.castillo@humbleisd.net
Cervantes, Brittany Teacher - English brittany.cervantes@humbleisd.net
Chatman, Charles Teacher - Math charles.chatman@humbleisd.net
Chou, Linda (.5 FTE) ESL Para - ICS linda.chou@humbleisd.net
Christmas, Eric CATE - Criminal Justice eric.christmas@humbleisd.net
Clampitt, Steven CATE - Auto Tech steven.clampitt@humbleisd.net
Coker, Moorea Teacher - ESL moorea.coker@humbleisd.net
Collins, Ashley Teacher - Dance ashley.collins@humbleisd.net
Collins, Sedric Teacher - English sedric.collins@humbleisd.net
Contreras, Josalyn SPED Para josalyn.contreras@humbleisd.net
Cordell, Carter SPED Teacher - ICS carter.cordell@humbleisd.net
Cory, Micah Teacher - English micah.cory@humbleisd.net
Cosby, Dairus Principal dairus.cosby@humbleisd.net
Costante, Esteban Counselor esteban.costante@humbleisd.net
Crawford, Hillary Teacher - English hillary.crawford@humbleisd.net
Cruz, Sophia Counseling Support sophia.cruz@humbleisd.net
Cuevas, Guadalupe SPED Para - Life Skills guadalupe.cuevas@humbleisd.net
Davis, Symone SPED LSSP symone.davis@humbleisd.net
Dawson-Johnson, Deondra SPED Teacher - ICS rochea.hale@humbleisd.net
De La Canal, Elizabeth ESL Para - ICS elizabeth.de la canal@humbleisd.net
De Los Santos, Glen CATE - Engineering Design glen.de los santos@humbleisd.net
Delamer, Kristin CATE - Health Science kristin.delamer@humbleisd.net
Dixon, Jalleessa Teacher - Dance jalleessa.dixon@humbleisd.net
Dvorak, Jamie Teacher - Science jamie.dvorak@humbleisd.net
Ebersbaker, Beth Teacher - English beth.ebersbaker@humbleisd.net
Edwards, Faith SPED LSSP faith.edwards@humbleisd.net
Elliott, Cindy SPED Para - Life Skills cindy.elliott@humbleisd.net
Espinoza, Nidia Teacher - Foreign Language nidia.espinoza@humbleisd.net
Feinauer, Joseph Teacher - Science joseph.feinauer@humbleisd.net
Feske, Thomas Teacher - Math thomas.feske@humbleisd.net
Fierro, Lorena ESL Para - ICS lorena.fierro@humbleisd.net
Flannery, Donna Teacher - Social Studies donna.flannery@humbleisd.net
Flores, Angel Teacher - Social Studies angel.flores@humbleisd.net
Flores, Ramsey Teacher - ROTC ramsey.flores@humbleisd.net
Flynn, Madison Teacher - Science madison.flynn@humbleisd.net
Fontenette, Kenneth Teacher - Social Studies kenneth.fontenette@humbleisd.net
Fontenot, Robert Teacher - Credit Recovery robert.fontenot@humbleisd.net
Ford, Jayla Assistant Principal Secretary jayla.ford@humbleisd.net
Francis, Sherrie Asstant Principal Secretary sherrie.francis@humbleisd.net
Funderburk, Michelle Teacher - PE Athletics michelle.funderburk@humbleisd.net
Gaines, Frederick SPED Para - ICS frederick.gaines@humbleisd.net
Garcia, Savanna SPED Para - Life Skills savanna.garcia@humbleisd.net
Garcia, Sylvia SPED Para - Life Skills sylvia.garcia@humbleisd.net
Garrett, Trishauna Counselor trishauna.garrett@humbleisd.net
Garza, Alexandra SPED Speech Pathologist alexandra.garza@humbleisd.net
Garza, Jose Para - Color Guard jose.garza@humbleisd.net
Gibson, Wendell Teacher - Social Studies wendell.gibson@humbleisd.net
Gillespie, Hope Teacher - English hope.gillespie@humbleisd.net
Gillian, Tiffany Attendance Specialist tiffany.gillian@humbleisd.net
Gomez, Yasmeen CATE - Graphic Design & Social Media yasmeen.gomez@humbleisd.net