Welcome to Pine Forest Elementary

  • 19702 W. Lake Houston Pkwy.  -  Humble, TX 77346
    Phone: 281.641.2100  -  Fax: 281.641.2117  -  Nurse: 281.641.2105
    Cafeteria: 281.641.2108  -  Menu: 281.641.5838
    Absence Line: 281.641.2119 
    Principal:  Sloan Simmons
    Assistant Principal:  Bethany Harper
    Counselor:  Jade Emmite
    Principal's Secretary: Maria Salazar
    Nurse: Holly Raymond
    Registrar: Angela Griffing
Last Name First Name Title/Dept Email Phone
Avina Cheryl 4th Grade Cheryl.Avina@humbleisd.net 281-641-2154
Banks Tamara Speech tamara.banks@humbleisd.net 281-641-2178
Berman Jennifer 3rd Grade jennifer.berman@humbleisd.net 281-641-2148
Bogdon Marcie Intervention and Dyslexia Marcie.Bogdon@humbleisd.net 281-641-2151
Broussard Tara Campus Interventionist Tara.Broussard@humbleisd.net 281-641-2151
Burger Robin Kindergarten Robin.Burger@humbleisd.net 281-641-2123
Burkhart Marci Receptionist marci.burkhart@humbleisd.net 281-641-2100
Cahill Kelly Kindergarten Kelly.Cahill@humbleisd.net 281-641-2121
Chavez-Silas Irma 5th Grade - SIP Irma.Chavez-Silas@humbleisd.net 281-641-2157
Childress Tara 5th Grade tara.childress@humbleisd.net 281-641-2160
Cooper Brandi Diagnostician Brandi.Cooper@humbleisd.net 281-641-2104
Corkern Katie Art katie.corkern@humbleisd.net 281-641-2180
Criswell Jennifer 1st Grade Jennifer.Criswell@humbleisd.net 281-641-2126
DeAnda Venessa 3rd Grade venessa.deanda@humbleisd.net 281-641-2149
Dees Jennifer Kindergarten Jennifer.Dees@humbleisd.net 281-641-2125
Despaux Adrienne Media Specialist Adrienne.Despaux@humbleisd.net 281-641-2106/2166
Diaz Sharon IT/Computers Sharon.Diaz@humbleisd.net 281-641-2185
Duncan Laura 5th Grade Laura.Duncan@humbleisd.net 281-641-2158
Eakin Jenny 1st Grade Jennifer.eakin@humbleisd.net 281-641-2127
Edwards Payton 5th grade payton.edwards@humbleisd.net 281-641-2161
Emmite Jade Counselor Jade.HutchinsonEmmite@humbleisd.net 281-641-2107
Eskola Tracy 2nd Grade Tracy.Eskola@humbleisd.net 281-641-2129
Fabela-Guiterrez Juliana 2nd Grade Juliana.Fabela-Guiterrez@humbleisd.net 281-641-2133
Felan Kristie Kindergarten Kristina.Felan@humbleisd.net 281-641-2124
Garcia Esperanza Lead Custodian Esperanza.Garcia@humbleisd.net 281-641-2162
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