• Welcome to the Humble ISD Secondary Mathematics Page!

    The VISION of the Secondary Math Department is to provide instructional environments in which students are able to see themselves as mathematicians within any culture and community as they engage in:
    •  innovative problem solving and critical thinking
    •  communication and collaboration, and
    •  leadership and personal responsibility.
    Ultimately, these practices become second nature to students through the context of mathematics empowering students to then transfer these practices to all contexts in their everyday lives.
    Our MISSION is to develop young mathematician's in middle and high school to prepare them for their college and career experiences in the 21st century. Students in Humble ISD secondary math courses will develop conceptual understanding of math and learn to interact with math by
    •  thinking flexibly about their ideas,
    •  investigating,
    •  discussing,
    •  critiquing,
    •  revising,
    •  making connections, and
    •  self-assessing.

    To see what couses are offered in the math program, visit our Humble ISD Course Guides


    Note: Humble ISD utilizes the TI Nspire CX II in all 8th Grade Math and Algebra 1 courses for instruction and assessment and the TI-84 for all high school courses beyond Algebra 1, including Geometry, Algebraic Reasoning, Algebra 2, and Precalculus.  Students will have access to these devices in on their campuses for use in class and on assessments.  If you are considering purchasing graphing calculator technology for your middle school or Algebra 1 student, the Nspire CX II is recommended.  In all other courses, the TI-84 is sufficient.


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