Meet Daisy, The AMS Comfort Dog

  • Daisy is a happy 4 year old lab mix who loves to play with squeaky toys and to get belly rubs. 

    In 2020, the Humble ISD Education Foundation sponsored Daisy in the Good Canine Citizen Certification Training Program with Let's Go!! Dog Training. Now that she has graduated from her training, she comes to campus a few times a week to help everyone feel safe and supported at AMS.


     If you DO NOT want your child to work with Daisy, please contact Jennifer Turner at



Daisy, The AMS Comfort Dog
  • Even though Daisy is never happier than when she is spending time with her favorite people, we need to remember to respect her boundaries.   

     When Daisy is at school...

    • Always ask to pet her before touching her.
    • Remember that dogs smell to say hello, offer your hand to sniff (Knuckles to Nose)
    • Pet her on her back and side using the 2 finger rule (Two Fingers, Two Seconds)
    • Remember that she's always happy to see you, but may not always want to play