To all of my teaching friends...have a great start to another school year!:

       Mrs. Sanchez  
    Fourth Grade
    Reading,Writing, & Social Studies 
      Lodge 4G


    Positive reinforcement will be used. Each student has a clip on the “Pawsitive” clip chart. This is to reinforce good behavior. A student is expected to keep their clip on “I Matter” for the entire week. If they do something really fantastic they could move up to WOW. Clips can be moved down the chart as well. First warning, the clip is moved to "Oops". A second warning earns the students a move down to "Paws to Think". This is where I will conference with them about how to turn their day around.  If a student requires a third warning, their clip moves to "Contact Home". The last option is an office visit. Other examples of behaviors that warrant an office visit are: violence, cursing and disrupting class. 

    Your child will be using a binder this year, possibly for the first time. This binder is EXTREMELY important. Students need to bring the binder to school every single day and home every night. It is a great organizational as well as, communication tool. On Tuesdays, it will come home with graded work, and various school/district informational flyers. Please make sure to look through and discuss these items with your child. If you have any questions please contact me the following day.  On Monday, the binder should return with your child, with all graded work removed. 


    Please be aware that the academic difference between third grade and fourth grade is usually significant for students. They are now considered “upper graders”. There is a fine line between enabling your child, by assisting too much, and empowering your child by providing assistance when needed and allowing them to fall and reap the consequences when needed! I definitely look forward to working with you through this transition for the benefit of your child.

    Grades will be posted online so please make sure you check periodically.