• Sra. Amat-Baralt, M.A.
    Spanish AP teacher 
    Spanish National Honor Society Sponsor

                                                                       COVID-19 WEEK ANNOUNCEMENT:

    Bitmoji Image¡Hola a todos!
    During our current campus closure, assignments for my Spanish students will be posted in my Google Classroom.
    Please log in to Google Classroom on Wednesday to access this week's learning opportunities.
    If you are unable to log in, please email me at
    mamatba@humbleisd.net  or send me a message on Remind. 
    Here are the Google Classroom codes for my Spanish courses :

                                 PERIOD    COURSE            CODE

                                   1st     SPAN 3 Pre AP      uzff5iv
                                   2nd    SPAN 5 AP            pwfhdty
                                   4th     SPAN 4 AP            ohlxvi4
                                   5th     SPAN 3 Pre AP     743oj3x
                                   6th     SPAN 4 AP            6t7diua
                                   7th     SPAN 3 Pre AP      ozqoslf

     I love the internetA note to parents:   I've been teaching  online courses (Spanish and Portuguese) at Lonestar College-Kingwood for over 20 years. I will assist and support my students all the way to make sure they perform well !   


  • Daily Schedule:  

    Period   1        Español 3 Pre AP/Dual Credit 
    Peridod 2        Español 5 AP (Literatura & cultura)
    Peridod 3        Consulta 
    Peridod 4        Español 4 AP (Lengua & cultura)
    Peridod 5        Español 3 Pre AP/Dual Credit 
    Peridod 6        Español 4 AP  (Lengua & cultura)
    Peridod 7        Español 3 Pre AP/Dual Credit 


     Salón: 4304 
     E-mail: mamatba@humbleisd.net
     Tutoría: Tues/ Thurs   A lunch 
     Teléfono: 281-641-6955 

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