• Melissa Kirchner
    Shadow Forest Elementary
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Room 101

    Welcome to Kindergarten

    Daily Schedule
        8:05-8:15  Announcements
          8:15-8:30 Calendar
          8:30-9:00 Literacy
          9:15-10:30 Daily 4 Literacy
          10:30-10:40 Clean up/Line up
          10:45-11:15 Recess
          11:15-11:45 Lunch
          11:50-12:15 Restroom/ JRR
          12:20-1:15 Math block
          1:20-2:15 Specials
          2:20-2:40 Afternoon Snack/Science
                            or Social studies connection
          2:40-3:00 Exploration Stations
          3:00-3:15 Pack and Stack 
          3:15 Dismissal
    Specials Schedule:
    Monday: Library
    Tuesday: Music
    Wednesday: P.E. (wear running shoes)
    Thursday: Computer
    Friday: P.E.
    Conference Time: 1:30-2:00 by appointment 
      No, I am not a superhero,
    I'm something even more powerful...
    I am a teacher
    I don't need a cape, 
    because I am lifted up by
    the amazing & inspiring
    kids  I teach
    super hero

    Tutoring available on Fridays from 7:30-7:55