• Mr. Barry

     "Enter to learn. Leave to achieve. Plan. Prepare. Succeed." Mr. Barry  

     Barry Phillips, Co-Teacher
      6th & 8th Grade Social Studies
      Room 1113      281-641-4348
      1st   U.S. History
      2nd  World Cultures
      3rd   World Cultures - Applied Skills
      4th   U.S. History
      5th   World Cultures
      6th   U.S. History
      7th   Conference Period
      3:10-4:00  Every day except Thursday
      3:19-4:00  Thursday
      Fridays  8:00-8:25 & 4:00-4:25

    I will be posting all assignments, updates, and resources to our class Schoology page.

    You can get to Schoology by clicking Students at the top of this screen, selecting the myHumble icon, and then the Schoology icon once logged in to myHumble.

    For parent access to Schoology:

    Please login to HAC, go to information, and there will be a code for you to enter in Schoology and make your own account to monitor your student's course work.