• Janeth Gudiño.
    Spanish IB.
    Spanish AP 4 .
    Spanish 2 and 3
    Room # 3005
    Phone # 281 641-6300



    Google classroom codes:

    1st period: bwjkgei

    3rd period (Spanish 3): lkzeynl

    3rd period (Spanish 4AP): xmrytl6

    4th period: lzn5grx

    5th period: p4hvooj

    6th period (IB ab initio): kq3axir

    6th period (IB SL and HL): w3xbv3y

    7th period (IB ab initio):7ulfxsa

    7th period (IB SL and HL): 7itgpat


    We will work as follows:
    Mondays: Overview.
    Wednesday: Learning opportunities.
    Friday:Collaborative engagement.



    All those who need help can contact me via email or leaving a message in google classroom, and if necessary we can schedule a conference in Zoom.









Mrs. Gudiño.



    1st period: Spanish 2

    2nd period: Conference.

    3r period: Spanish 3 and Spanish 4 AP.

    4th period Spanish 2.

    5th period: Spanish 2.

    6th period: IB Spanish (ab initio, SL and HL).

    7th period: IB Spanish (ab initio, SL and HL).