Amber Krugman

    American Sign Language


    Room Number: 4307


    Telephone Number: 6984


    Email Address: amber.krugman@humbleisd.net 






    Students have until March 27th to turn in missing work and test corrections.  What you have in the gradebook now is what will appear on your report card. 


    Plan for virtural learning

    I will post lessons every monday morning on google classroom and you will have until the following monday 9 am to complete them. Complete every activity in each lesson and the video assignments.


    I will hold online tutoring everyday at 9am-10am through Zoom.  I have posted the invitaiton to tutoring on google classroom. 






    Everyday communication is the centerpiece of every lesson. Topics revolve around sharing information about our environment and us. Grammar is introduced in context, with an emphasis on developing question and answering skills. You learn conversation strategies to help you maintain a conversation. Interaction activities allow you to rehearse what you've learned.


    Go to Google Classroom for daily updates, lesson plans and assignments!



    Students! Remember you must log in using your SCHOOL email (@humbleisd.net) address!

    If your schedule changes during the year you must also change periods in Google classroom.

    Parents! If you would like access to this please get the log in info from your student.

    Below are all the Google classroom codes.





    2019-2020 Schedule 

    with Google Classroom Codes


    1st Period- ASL 2 (gosh2ck)


    2nd Period- ASL 1 (bg4r6mr)


    3rd Period- ASL 2 (i67j1us)  


    4th Period- ASL 1 (wtpaaem) 


    5th Period- Conference 


    6th Period- ASL 1 (l9trakm)  


    7th Period- ASL 1 (95wu2qj) 


    ASL CLub (j5rmtf1)


    ASL Honor Society (4j3eq3)


    Tutoring is....
    Wednesday and Thursday "A" Lunch 
    Before or after school by appointment only
    All in my room 4307