• Name:  Mr. Conley
    Grade: 10 - 12
    Subjects Taught: 
    Pre-AP Pre-Calculus BC and
    AP Pre-Calculus AB 
    Room Number:  4111
    Telephone Number:  281-641-6910
    NEXT TEST Calculus October 19 and 20
    NEXT TEST Pre-Calculus October 17 and 18 

    Welcome to Mr. Conley's Page 2017-18 at KHS.  Please feel free to contact me at any time by email or phone.
     NOTE: Email is the quickest way and you will get a response that business day.
    My room number is 2109.  If parents want to contact me please use e-mail.  Tutoring is offered each morning in my room at 11:40 but I also have a club meeting for MuAlphaTheta on Tuesdays.  Tuesday and Thursday if you get to school by 11 am you can also get tutoring in my room.
    How to use this page:
    Notes will remain active for about two weeks.  They can be found under "Useful Documents."  
    Make sure you are looking at the correct course and lesson number.  All the notes to BC all state BC
    in the heading.  
    I do NOT allow electronic devices out in my classroom at ANY time unless directed by me.
    On the calendar you will find the 9-week schedule which is subject to change based on
    school related events.  Pre-Calculus usually has assignments that are worksheets and
    they can be found with the notes under "Useful Documents." 
     Here is a little bit about me:
    I grew up in New York and Coventry, England.  After getting a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from
    SUNY Brockport (New York) I came to Texas to teach math.  I earned a Master of Education in Counseling
    from Texas Southern University.  
    During my career I have taught every math class that we offer at KHS and
    have either taught or was a counselor at the following schools:
    Coldsrping-Oakhurst (Algebra I, FOM, Consumer Math, Informal Geometry, Geometry, Algebra II (PAP/L), Pre-Calculus (PAP), Calculus)
    Kingwood High School (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus (PAP))
    Keiffer Crossing Middle (Counselor)
    Crosby High School (Counselor, Statistics, Algebra II PAP, Geometry)
    Atascocita High School (Algebra II PAP/L,  Geometry, Pre-Calculus PAP AB & BC, Algebra I)
    Summer Creek High School (Math ALT)
    Atascocita High School (Geometry PAP, Algebra I)
    Kingwood High School (Pre-Calculus PAP AB & BC, Algebra I, AP Statistics, AP Calculus)
    Make up tests are available with me in room 4111 every day before or after school!!  None of the courses that I teach allows for a reassessment so make sure your are always prepared.

     1st Hour:  PAP Pre-Calculus BC

    2nd Hour: AP-Calculus AB

    3rd Hour:  AP-Calculus AB
    4th Hour:  Conference
    5th Hour:  PAP Pre-Calculus BC
    6th Hour:  PAP Pre-Calculus BC
    7th Hour:  PAP Pre-Calculus BC

    Tutoring & Test Make-Up Times:

    Monday      6:45 - 7:15 and 2:45 - 3:20
    Tuesday      6:45 - 7:15 and 2:45 - 3:20
    Wednesday 6:45 - 7:15 and 2:45 - 3:20
    Thursday     6:45 - 7:00, morning duty and 2:45 - 3:20
    Friday         6:45 - 7:00 and 2:45 - 3:20

    1-Lunch Schedule:  I have B-Block Lunch Everyday
    Monday: A - Tutoring
    Tuesday: A - Mu Alpha Theta meeting
    Wednesday: A - Tutoring
    Thursday: A - TESTING CENTER
    Friday: A - Teen Aged Republicans Club