• cat working Welcome to Woodcreek Middle School!!!

    My name is Leslie Duerr. I will be co-teaching 7th & 8th RELA, 8th Science, and Assistant Cheer Coach. This is my seventh year here at WMS!!!  
    1st period - 7th ICS RELA with Ms. Brady (rm. 309)
    2nd period - Cheer class (gym or outside)
    3rd period - 8th ICS Science with Mr. Ortegon (rm. 412)
    4th period - 6th ICS World Cultures with Ms. Holcomb (rm. 206)
    5th period - Conference
    6th period - 8th ICS Science with Ms. Gabel (rm. 410)
    7th period - 6th ICS RELA with Ms. Ziegler (rm. 211)
    I am located in office 915 across the hall from the library. 


    I am available for tutoring Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8:00 - 8:30 before school and afternoons by appointment only, made one day in advance.
    I am also co-sponsoring Student Council. If you are interested in becoming part of StuCo, please pick up an application outside my office.
    I am looking forward to another wonderful year!!!!
    My email is Leslie.duerr@humbleisd.net