Bear Branch Elementary Physical Education

Welcome Bears
  • Marti Pieper
    Physical Education Schedule 2021-2022
    8:00-8:50  5th grade 
    8:55-9:45 4th grade
    9:55-10:45 3rd grade
    10:50-11:40 Lunch
    11:40-12:10 Conference
    12:10-1:00  Kindergarten
    1:05-1:55   1st grade
    2:00-2:50   2nd grade
    The Bear Branch Elementary community will provide a postive, safe enviroment where all memebers are empowered academically and socially to succeed as lifelong learners.

    Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to PE and are asked to dress accordingly for movement and wear tennis shoes for safety reasons. Students are allowed to switch into their t- shoes before PE class if needed.

    Parents if you have any questions about PE class please don't hesitate on contacting Mrs. Pieper.

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Mission Statement and Expectations

  • Mission
    All school aged children will participate in a physical education program that will increase physical competence, health-related fitness, and self-responsibility so they can establish physical activity as a natural part of everyday life.


    • All students will be actively engaged in a safe, respectful, and responsible learning environment inside the gym and outside on the pavilion, playground, and track.

    • Grades will be determined by your child's participation and attitude. Grading Guidelines

    • Clothing that allows for movement and proper footwear are highly recommended on PE days (NO Crocs, sandals, wheelies or flip flops are allowed).

    • If your child cannot participate due to an illness or injury, please send a note from home to be given to their homeroom teacher first thing in the morning and a copy will be made by the nurse and given to the PE teacher. (Please note that a parent note is good for 3 consecutive days of non-participation, after that, a doctor's note is required as stated in the Humble ISD Parent/Student Handbook.)