• Name: Joel Bradley
    Subject / Department: American Literature AND AP Language and Composition / English
    Classroom: 2409 
    Email Address (preferred contact): Joel.Bradley@humbleisd.net
    Phone Number (please leave a voicemail): 281-641-6978
    Twitter Handle: @JB_Lit4Life


    Covid - 19 UPDATE 

    (Sunday, March 29, 2020)

    Weekly Learning Opportunities will be posted to Google Classroom by 8 AM each Monday morning, starting Monday, March 30, 2020. If you have any difficulty locating or accessing these documents and their corresponding links, please email me.


    Office Hours to Begin the Week of March 30:

    Office Hours will NOT be a time where new information is taught or shared.

    Make sure to show up during the Office Hours for your class (AP and Level have separate days and time on the posted schedule--see post below)

    Use the Office Hours like you would a tutoring session during One Lunch:
    1. Come with questions you want answered about the work that has been assigned.
    2. You can come and go as you please. Once your question is answered, you are free to go about your work.
    3. Make sure I know you are present so I can take stock of who and how many of my students show up during each session.

    Junior - English 3 and AP Language Office Hours: (Find the teacher's Zoom link in their Google Classroom)


    Wed. 8 AM

    Wed. 10 AM

    Wed. 12 PM

    Wed. 2 PM

    Thurs. 12 AM

    Thurs. 2 PM






    AP Lang






    X     X   X  


      X   X X    


    X   X   X    


      AP Seminar   AP Lang  

    AP Seminar (2-2:30)

    AP Lang (2:30-3)



    (Friday, March 20, 2020)


    Thanks for the emails that have I received so far. It is good to hear that many of you are doing well! Remember--if you need ANYTHING--please contact me and I will do what I can to help.


    Level English 3:

    Our Zoom meetings will start at 1 PM TODAY. So that everyone has a chance to speak / be heard, please join during your class period's time. If you are not available during your class period's time, please contact me with any questions/concerns you may have. I look forward to seeing many of you later this afternoon! Click ZOOM to get to the site. Times are below:

    1st Period: 1:00-1:30 PM
    3rd Period: 1:30-2:00 PM
    4th Period: 2:00-2:30 PM
    5th Period: 2:30-3:00 PM
    7th Period: 3:00-3:30 PM


    AP Language:

    I would love to Zoom with you guys on Monday, March 23. I am thinking 11 AM would give enough time for people to wake up. By that time, the weekly assignments will be posted, and we can talk about whatever is on your mind. Click ZOOM to get to the site.


    Miss you all, and see you soon!


    (Tuesday, March 17, 2020)

    Although circumstances prevent us from holding classes, I will be posting learning opportunities in the coming weeks via Google Classroom. I also will post a weekly calendar of learning opportunities and supplemental resources on this web page. I will still be available via email (Joel.Bradley@humbleisd.net), so do not hesitate to reach out with questions.

    My classes have used Google Classroom since the first day of this school year. If you or your student has any trouble logging into Google Classroom, please email me ASAP. Login Instructions can be found in one of the tabs to the left of this page. Once in Google Classroom, students may be asked to complete work on NoRedInk or other similar sites (APClassroom for my AP Language students). If you have difficulty logging into any of those sites, please email me ASAP.

    Upcoming video tutoring, meeting, discussion opportunities will be available via Zoom. Feel free to check out the website here. Again, if you have any issues, please email me ASAP.

    If you are not following me on Twitter, I may post some resources there: @JB_Lit4Life.

    The pandemic has presented an educational challenge, but it also invites new avenues of growth. I'm exploring new teaching tools to make your learning experience as enriching as possible. In the meantime, stay safe and well!


    Mr. Bradley's Expectations:
    Preparation                       Cell Phone Policy:
    Participation                     Phones must be OFF and AWAY
    Respect                             at all times once a student enters class.
    If you need handouts from the day, check your GOOGLE CLASSROOM!
    Each student has his/her own personal login for Google, using his/her school email address. Please speak with your student and walk through Google Classroom with them. Email me if there is difficulty logging in.

    Daily Schedule:                                                              UIL Coaching/Club Meeting:
    1st: English 3 - American Literature                             Spelling/Vocabulary: A Block Tuesday

    2nd: Planning Period                                                     Literary Criticism: A Block Tuesday

    3rd: English 3 - American Literature                            SAT Preparation - Language/Reading: A Block Wednesday
    4th: English 3 - American Literature                            UNICEF Meetings: A Block Friday
    5th: English 3 - American Literature
    6th: AP Langauge and Composition
    7th: English 3 - American Literature

    English 3 LUNCH Tutoring/Make-Up Times:







    Bradley   (2409)





    Burchfield        (2412)






    Gerbasich (2405)




    Tansley (2305)





    *Always check a teacher’s availability. If extra tutoring time is needed, please schedule with your teacher.

    *Morning and afternoon tutoring will be made available by scheduling ONLY.