• Hello, my name is Charles Keith Godfrey. I am a native of Scotland and the UK, but have been in the US for 27 years. I finally became a US Citizen in January 2019, you will find  a sideways photo of me at the ceremony on all your Schoology Pages...easy to find me.  I have a background in Texas Education since 1999 and certified as a Texas Teacher in 2010. I am also a Graduate of the University of Cambridge with a Masters Degree in History . I look forward to working with your students and the rest of the Social Studies team to bring them successfully through this school year and have them well prepared for either their entrance into 11th Grade next year, as a Junior. or to the outside world as a Senior. I'll be there at Graduation next year, I promise. 

    Below you will find my class procedures and contact information. 

    Regards C. Keith Godfrey



    You will find ALL schedules on the back of your ID Badges but here they are below...

    1st Period - Virtual Economics - 7.25 - 8.10 (please see Schoology Pages for Week At A Glance and Zoom Class times)

    2nd Period - Planning - 8.20 - 9.05

    3rd Period - World History - 9.15 - 10.02

    4th Period - World History - 10.12 - 10.57

    5th Period - World History - 11.07 - 1.03

    LUNCH - C LUNCH - 12.04 - 12.32

    6th Period - Economics - 1.13 - 1.58

    7th Period - World History - 2.08 - 2.52



    1st Period - 7,25 - 9.02 - Virtual Economics (Please see Schoology pages  for Week At A Glance and Zoom Class times)

    3rd Period - 9.12 - 10.51 - World History

    5th Period - 11.01 - 1.04 - World History

    LUNCH - C LUNCH - 11.59 - 12.28

    7th Period - World History - 1.11 - 2.52


    2nd Period - 9.25 - 10.50 - Planning

    4th Period - 11.09 -1.09 - World History

    LUNCH - C LUNCH - 12.06 - 12.34

    6th Period - 1.18 - 2.52 - World History


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Mr. Godfrey

Mr. Godfrey

  • Room 1206 -

    House - Red II

    Tel - 281-641-7612






    TEXTBOOK - Spielvogel, Jackson J. World History   - World History - McGraw Hill Online Text Book - Check  your MY HUMBLE page for the APP

                                                                               - Economics - McGraw Hill Online Text Book - Check your MY HUMBLE page for the App


    - Be Respectful                                - Be On Time                                - Be Prepared

    - Be Polite and Always Use Appropriate Language.

    - Show Respect to Your Peers and Instructors.

    - Do Your Grooming Before or After Class... NOT IN IT.

    - Have Your Conversations Before or After Class...NOT IN IT.

    Saty Seated in Your Assigned Seats During the ENTIRE Class Period.

    - Wait in Your Seat to be Dismissed by your Teacher....ALWAYS...

    FOOD and DRINK



     Daily Grades (Formative) = 40%

    Major Grades/Tests (Summative) = 60%

    Please sign up for and check HAC regularly. 

    "A" = Absence.

    "X" = Student missing work BUT has chance to make it up.


    - After missinhg class, you are responsible for getting ALL makeup work. Best policy? 

    - In the case that a student is absent on the day of a quiz/test, the student will make up the assignment the next day in class and should be prepared to do s. Once we have gone over the answers, you will be givena different version of the assignment.

    - If you know you are going to be out, let me know ahead of time.


    In accordance with campus policy, late work will receive the following grades:

    1 Day Late = 80% Maximum Grade.

    2 Days Late = 60% Maximum Grade

    3 Days Late = 40% Maximum Grade

    4 Days Late = 20% Maximum Grade

    5 Days Late = 0%


    - If you have been absent and return on the day of the quiz/test with an un-excused absence, you will be responsible for taking the test/quiz.

    - If you are skipping my class, you will be given the oppurtunity to make up the work; however, it will only be for partial credit. Make sure that you clear all un-excused absences with attendance. 


    - If you are going to be out  due to a school related activity, pick up your work from me before you leave.

    - If you will be missing an exam. you will have to make up the exam no more than TWO DAYS school days before or after.


    - You will have one week from the time of scores are given to retake the exam/test.

    - The average of two grades will be given.


    Zoom Time will be every day from 3.05 - 3.35 - Zoom Link 





    Please note that I will not always go in this order. If you are committing an offense that warrents a trip to the office, you will go to the office. 

    C. Keith Godfrey



    Conference Period - 2nd