• Name: Monte Cole
    Grade: 11th/12th
    Subject / Department: Aquatic Science/ Head Basketball Coach
    Room Number: 2004
    Telephone Number: 281-641-7225 (Basketball Office)
    Email Address: monte.cole@humbleisd.net


    Welcome to my class! I look forward to working with each of you throughout the course of the year. If there are any questions, feel free to email or call me and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to a great year!
    We will be putting all classroom assignments and power points on Google Classroom. The following are the codes for each class period:
    2nd Period: 75gkkp
    3rd Period: 9btu6f
    4th Period: f3oo7i
    7th Period: ml9ffo

    My Schedule:

    1st Period: Freshmen Athletics
    2nd Period: Aquatics
    3rd Period: Aquatics
    4th Period: Aquatics
    5th Period: Varsity Athletics
    6th Period: Conference
    7th Period: Aquatics 


    Tutoring: Wednesday and Friday B Block