• ms. neighbors
    2nd Grade Teacher
    Room Number: 201

    Telephone Number: 281-641-3430
    Email Address: dana.neighbors@humble.k12.tx.us
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    "...When we all teach, learn, and communicate...we all succeed." 
    Student Schedule

    7:50-8:05- Morning Routines/Announcements

    8:05-8:15- Morning Meeting

    8:15-8:45- Whole Group Reading Lesson

    8:45-9:45- JRR/Reading Workshop and Guided Groups

    9:45-10:00- Read Aloud and -If your child is changing the way he or she is going home, send a letter to the child's teacher or the front office before dismissal.healthy snack

    10:00- 11:15- Math and Math Workshop 

    Writing and Writing Workshop
    writing workshop

    1:15-2:05- Specials *

    2:05-2:25- Word Study

    2:25-3:05- Science/Social Studies-

    3:05-3:10- Dismissal Routines

    3:15- Dismissal

    *Specials on Monday is at 2:10 and Tuesday is at 12:20.

    Note: Extra Rotation in Specials on Thursdays at 2:10

     Your child, you, and I will make a great team. “Go team!”
    Conference Times
    Mondays at 2:15
    Tuesdays at 12:25
    Fridays at 1:20
    -I check my email after school. 
    -If your child is changing the way he or she is going home, send a letter to the child's teacher or the front office before dismissal.
    -Please help your child to remember to wear or bring appropriate shoes for P.E. Also, your child may keep a pair of gym shoes in the classroom backpack closet.
    -Please feel free to contact me via email dana.neighbors@humble.k12.tx.us or phone: 281-641-3430. Calls do not ring into the classroom between 7:30-3:30., so you may leave a voice mail. I check my phone at the end of the day and will return your call that evening, unless I am off campus on the day you made the call. In that case I will call you back the following day.
    I look forward to working with you and your child. We will make a great team for his or her success! I check my emails before and after school. If I receive an email before or during school hours, I may not have an opportunity to sit down at the computer and respond until after school hours. I will respond to your email or voice mail as soon as possible. Please call the office for emergencies or to change the way your child is going home, if something comes up during the day and you did not send a note.

    -I email a weekly classroom calendar and newsletter.
    -The Specials rotation is on the classroom calendar.