Energy Management Mission Statement

  • In Humble ISD, we believe that every effort should be made to conserve both natural and financial resources. The Department of Energy Management, in complete cooperation with the Board, Administrators, Staff, and Support Personnel, know that it is our responsibility to reduce costs in such a way that our facilities operate in the most efficient manner possible while maintaining a  safe and productive environment for our students and staff.

Useful Links

  • Energy Star can help you assess your home's energy use compared to other similar homes and give you tips on how to improve your score.
    Watt-Watchers of Texas is a program for schools that empowers students to help conserve energy on campus.  Watt-Watchers also has a program for Teaching Energy Efficiency at Home.
    CenterPoint Energy (K-12) engages teachers, parents, and students to learn facts and safety tips about natural gas.  There are games and activities for all ages.
    Water Footprint Calculator is a really informative and interactive website that teaches how to save water and calculate your "Water Footprint."  It also gives you access to all sorts of Educational Resources for students and teachers.