• 3/17/2020

    Jason Watt - 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th period: jason.watt@humbleisd.net

    Penelope Campbell - 3rd and 4th period: penelope.campbell@humbleisd.net


    During this extended school closure we will be utilizing Google Classroom to communicate with and get assignments out to students. 


    Each week we will post the learning plans for the week on each class's page.  Those links can be found below or can be accessed by...

    Mobile website:  selecting the dropdown arrow next to "Choir" and then selecting the page for your appropriate class.

    Desktop website: clicking on the page for the appropriate class listed in the selections on the left of the website.

    You can also get to the learning plans by clicking the appropriate link below.


    2nd Period: Only Men Aloud  


    3rd Period: Cantilena  


    4th Period: Bel Canto  


    5th Period: Kapelle  


    6th Period: King's 4  


    7th Period: Madrigals    


    Below you will find the Google Classroom Codes for each of the choirs.
    Please log into Google Classroom using your school email address and then click on the "+" sign in the top right.
    Choose "Join a class" and then enter the code for your respective choir.

    Madrigals that are also in Kapelle or OMA should join both classes.


    Only Men Aloud (2nd period)
    Google Classroom Class code nmndfkr


    Cantilena (3rd period)
    Google Classroom Class code r2wdrjt


    Bel Canto (4th period)
    Google Classroom Class code j2ob67d


    Kapelle (5th period)
    Google Classroom Class code 3j26etw


    King's 4 (6th period)
    Google Classroom Class code 7onf5ze


    Madrigals (7th period)
    Google Classroom Class code mkpwlxs