• Balloons over Eiffel Tower Stacey DeVault

    281.641.7080   (I am currently unable to access my phone while away from KHS.)

    Foreign Language Teacher and Department Head
    French I and Spanish I


    I will post instructions for the Learning Opportunities in the Away from KHS tabs to the side.  Students will find assignments in Google Classroom on a weekly basis.   


    Tutoring will take place using Zoom.  Information of how to join me will be in Google Classroom.


    Unless I specify, you are encouraged to use online resources but please do not simply put work into translation websites.  


    If you need the Google Classroom code, see March 17th in the gradebook program.


    Textbook login information is in the Away from KHS tab for each language.


    Please make wise choices as we are away from campus.








    Why should you learn French? 

    Check out some reasons on this website.