Mrs. Patricia Sano
    Psychology (AP)
    Government (L)
    Room Number: 2109
    Telephone Number:

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    Master of Education, Teacher Leadership
    Bachelor of Arts, Social Studies Education
    Google Classroom Codes:
    1st Gov   astxd6o
    5th Gov   ohfucmu
    6th Gov   detuexe
    7th Gov   hwt3kam
    2nd APPSYCH
    3rd APPSYCH

    Students should go to the class calendar page and Google Classroom to see the weekly assignment. Click on the date for details. Any documents needed are located on the class document page.  If you have not joined google classroom please do that TODAY!
    Students can ZOOM conference with me for Tutoring/Office Hours if they have any questions about assignments:
    Government classes:  Tuesdays 8am and 12noon            Thursdays:  8am
    APPSYCH Classes:     Tuesdays  10am and 2pm         Thursdays:  10am
    In order to enter the ZOOM meeting, students must go to their Google Calendar (in MyHumble) and click on the date/time.
    ZOOM  conferencing for tutoring/office hours is NOT mandatory, but suggested.
    Email me (or send me a Remind text) if you have any questions.
    Students please check your Humble Gmail DAILY! 
    HUMBLE ISD sent a letter to all students/parents/staff outlining the N4 grading period quidelines. Click (below) to see a copy of the email sent on 3/29 at 7:34pm 
    Mrs. Sano