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    KHS College Resource Center



     We are ready to help in room 4405 every day during One Lunch.  Stop by and see us!   kingwoodhscollege@gmail.com 


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    Guides to the entire college admissions process
    These sites contain information about many different college admissions topics.
    Finding the right school
    College search engines – Searches can be narrowed by various indicators including geography, majors, test scores, etc. Registering at some sites allows for better matching and more information (registration is free).
    Campus Visits – Check the college’s admissions page for information on campus tours, general information sessions, and school/departmental information sessions.
    College Fairs, Open Houses, Recruiter Visits at KHS
    College Admissions
    Once you have identified colleges where you might apply, you need to make sure that you meet all the college’s requirements. Always check a college’s admission page for details on academic requirements, application information and deadlines, required standardized tests, financial aid information, and scholarships.
    Standardized tests 
    Make sure you have taken the necessary standardized tests in time for your applications. You will most likely need the SAT or ACT. Some schools also require specific SAT Subject Tests. There are several ways you can prepare for these tests:
    • Take practice ACT or SAT tests. KHS PTSA offers low costs practice tests for the ACT and SAT through the Huntington Learning Center four times a year.  Khan Academy offers free SAT Practice Tests.  Princeton Review offers free ACT Practice Test.  
    • Decide if you need additional tutoring. Your options include classes, private tutoring, online tutoring, and prep books. 
    Preparing your application
    Decide how to apply to your chosen schools. Many Texas colleges and universities participate in the ApplyTexas common application. Nationwide over 700 schools participate in the Common Application. A growning number of schools are participating in the Coalition for Applcation.  Other schools require a separate application. Refer to your chosen school’s admission’s site for direction.
    Preparing your essay
    With the Common Application, you will need to select an essay topic from the current year’s prompts (prompts wil stay the same for 20/21) and writing requirements for each school. ApplyTexas also offers common essay prompts each year.  The Coalition Application also has separate essay prompts.  The following may help in with the essay writing process:
    Paying for College
    Financial Aid from the College
    Need based – most colleges require a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Check the college’s financial aid page to be sure.
    Merit based – academic, athletic, service, etc.
    Find listings of scholarships your chosen college's admissions and/or financial aid page. Colleges may still require you to complete a FAFSA.
    Scholarships – may be need based, merit based, or both. Can be national, state, local, or KHS specific.
    Online searches
    The resources listed here are just a few of the many options available online.  College room volunteers provide information based on experience and research. Even though every attempt is made to verify posted information, things do change.  Neither the school nor the volunteers accept liability for the accuracy of information. Always check official sources for the most up-to-date information. 
    Note: You should not have to pay for general information. Try to make sure the information you are looking at is unbiased. Many sites are for profit and some exist solely to sell you their product.
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