• Leslie Fernandez-

    BFA Studio Art   


    Room #2101



    8:30-9:06 am       Advisory

    9:10- 10:00 am   1st period Beginning Art 

    10:04-10:54 am  2nd period Intermediate Art

    11:32-12:23 pm  3rd period Advanced Art   

    12:27-1:18 pm   4th Period- Conference

    1:22-2:12 pm     5th Period- Beginning Art

    2:16-3:06 pm     6th Period- Advanced Art

    3:10-4:00 pm     7th Period- AppliedArt


    10:15-10:56 am  1st period- Beginning Art 

    11:34-12:15 pm  2nd period- Intermediate Art

    12:19-1:00 pm    3rd period- Advanced Art  

    1:04-1:45 pm      4th period- Conference

    1:49-2:30 pm      5th period- Beginning Art

    2:34-3:15 pm      6th period- Advanced Art

    3:19-4:00 pm      7th Period- Applied Art

    Tutoring offered every Wednesday in room 2101.


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Mrs. Fernandez