Mrs. Catalani

  • Pre-AP Algebra II  and  Pre- AP Geometry


    White House 2303 

My Schedule

    1. Pre-Ap Algebra II
    2. Pre-Ap  Algebra II
    3. Conference
    4. Pre-Ap Algebra II
    5. Pre-Ap Geometry
    6. Pre-Ap Algebra II
    7. Pre-Ap Geometry


Ms. Catalani

Tutoring Schedule


    Mrs. Catalani (2303) Monday and Friday after school
    Mrs. Burt(2304) Monday and Wednesday after school
    Mr. Louvier(2305) Tuesday and Thursday before school


    Mrs. Catalani (2303) Monday and Friday after school
    Mr. Robison(2304) Tuesday and Wednesday after school


  • PRE- ALGEBRA II Grade Breakdown:

    • Daily grades/Quizzes (Formative) = 30%,
    • Tests/ Projects (Summative) = 70%

    Pre-AP Geometry  Grade Breakdown:

    • Daily grades/Quizzes (Formative) = 30%,
    • Tests/ Projects (Summative) = 70%

Classroom policies

  • Assignments:

    My students will have assignments daily and are to be completed the next day that class meets.  It is very important for students to practice topics on a daily basis. Some class time will be given, but most students will have to complete their assignments outside of class.  Some Assignment will be give a completion grade while other will be graded for accuracy.  Points  will be deducted for assignments that are not completed on time. 

    Assignments that are completed and turned in after taking the test will recieve a grade of  50%.

    If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get the work that he/she missed and be prepared by test day.  If you miss school on the review day before a test, you are still expected to take the test when you return to school.  If you miss a test, you will be expected to take the test on the day you return or the next available tutoring day. 

    Students are allowed to re-test one summative grade per nine weeks, and the two grades will be averaged together.  Students are required to make corrections on the original assessment in tutorials first, as well as complete any missing work, before a re-test will be allowed.  Re-tests for the last test of each nine weeks will not be offered, due to time constraints.

    Classroom Policies:
    In addition to school-wide policies (dress code, cell phones, no food or drink in the classroom other than water, zero tolerance for bullying, etc.), I have five rules that I expect students to follow while in my classroom. 

    1)     Be Respectful!  Treat your classmates, your teacher, and the classroom environment and supplies with respect. Do not talk while the teacher is instructing. Do not use any electronic devices during instruction and work time.

    2)     Be Responsible!  Bring all materials to class (pencil, paper, notes, and assignments), and sit in your assigned seat.


    3)     Be Honest!  Do your own work; do not share information about tests with anyone.

    4)     Be Safe! Be in your seat when the bell rings, and stay in your seat until the bell rings to release you, be kind to others so everyone feels comfortable.

    5)     Be Amazing!  Do your best; never get a zero on anything ever.  Love yourself and your awesome teacher!  WE WILL BE A GREAT TEAM:)