• Important Dates


    August 5:  Cougar Camp.  All Honor, Symphonic, and Concert Bands are performing.  You must be in your seat by 1:30pm.  Please don't be late.

    August 10: First Day of School:  NO instruments needed

    August 13:  Panther Premier.  6:00 pm at KPHS.  All Honor, Symphonic, Concert Band Students need to be present.  

    August 20: All Band shirt and Black shirt money is due.






    What you need to know!!!!


    * No instruments are needed on the first day of school.  We are just happy you're here.


    * Go to RevTrack to buy your Red Polo Band Shirt (beginners need this)


    * Go to RevTrack to buy your Black Shirt and Tie (Honor, Symphonic, Concert Boys only)