Welcome to the Warehouse

Warehouse Processes

  • Inventory
    Order, receive, and stock miscellaneous office supplies
    Process and deliver office supply inventory requests
    Retrieve and restock office supply inventory requests
    Receive, stock (dry and cold storage), and deliver food and food supplies
    Receive, stock, and deliver custodial supplies
    Receive, stock, process, deliver and track instructional and educational materials
    District-Wide Distribution
    Pick up outgoing US mail and deliver it to the Document Center for processing
    Distribute received US mail throughout the District
    Distribute interoffice mail throughout the District

    Furniture / Equipment
    Please call to make an APPOINTMENT to view Furniture ext:8922
    Deliver and retrieve loaner furniture
    Pickup obsolete furniture and equipment for redistribution
    ransport indoor gym equipment shared by elementary campuses
    Special educational equipment transport shared by campuses
    Auction obsolete furniture and equipment
    Textbooks - Instructional Materials
    Inventory and distribution of instructional materials
    (Academics are responsible for identifying and purchasing appropriate materials.)

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