Who is Missy Land?

  • Welcome to Mrs. Land's class! 


    My name is Missy Land.  I am originally from Waco, TX and graduated from Baylor University. This will be my 23rd year as an educator with 16 of those years being spent as an athletic coach.  I have 1 daughter, Emily (if you ever see me in person, I'd love to tell you her miracle story), and my husband's name is Chris.  Some of my favorite things: My family, Baylor and the color green, PEZ, Magnets, Kitchen Gadgets, Iced coffee, Dr. Pepper, Gummy Bears, Tootsie Rolls, Pizza, and Mexican Food. 

    What are these courses about?

    Foods For Today- kitchen safety, basic cooking skills that reinforce reading and following instructions.

    Intro to Culinary- management skills that are necessary for working in the food service and hospitality industry.

    Feel free to contact me anytime: 

           Email- missy.land@humbleisd.net

           Phone- 281-641-4473

           Room #103

           Tutoring- Student Request


    Class Schedule:

    1st- Intro to Culinary

    2nd- Foods For Today

    3rd- Conference Period

    4th- Foods For Today


    5th- Intro to Culinary

    6th- Foods For Today

    7th- Foods For Today


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