Attendance Times & Policy

  • Students must be present by 9:45am to be counted for our Average Daily Attendance.
    I. Reporting Student Absences: When your student will be absent you need to call the attendance office and report the absence. Communication is crucial. If your student will be absent for an extended period of time you must contact the attendance office so we are aware of your student's circumstances and can notify your student's counselor. Examples would be traveling out of town/state/country or hospitalization/severe illness of the student or an immediate family member.
    * If your student has a chronic illness that will result in frequent absences please provide documentation from your student's physician so we are aware of the situation. Please be assured that any information provided will remain strictly confidential.

    II. Students Returning After An Absence: In accordance with the Humble I.S.D. Parent/Student Handbook a student is required to send a parent/guardian note or a doctor's note to the attendance office the day your student returns to school. There is a 2 day time limit for turning in these notes. Please include on the note your student's legal name, date of absence, the reason for the absence and a parent/guardian signature.

    III. Excessive Absences: Please refer to the Humble I.S.D. Parent/Student Handbook for Compulsory Student Attendance laws and criteria that would constitute possible legal consequences for "Failure to Attend School". Please Note: Documentation and communication as absences occur are crucial if your student should reach what is considered to be an excessive number of absences.

    IV. Perfect Attendance Requirements : A student is eligible for perfect attendance if he/she has been present for every class period, every day. Students who are absent (for any part of the school day) for any reason other than a school related activity will NOT be eligible for perfect attendance.

    Sign-In and Sign-Out Procedure

    Middle School Student Sign In/Sign Out Procedures
    Josette Manrique - Attendance Specialist
    Phone: 281.641.4003      Fax: 281.641.4117
    (Voice Mail Available 24 Hours a Day)
    Any student arriving after the first bell must sign in at the Attendance Office Window to receive a pass to class. Your teacher will not allow you to enter the classroom without a pass.

    II. Any student leaving the campus for any reason must be signed out at the Attendance Office Window. This includes students leaving for lunch, sent home by the clinic or sent home by a Principal. Any student taken off campus that has not been signed could be regarded as truant and subject to disciplinary action.

    III. Anyone who is here to sign a student out must present valid photo identification - such as a valid driver's license or a U.S. Passport before the child will be released to leave campus. Any alternate forms of identification are subject to Administrator approval. Administrators are occasionally off campus so please do not rely on someone always being here who can confirm your identity.

    IV. Only persons listed on a student's emergency/other contacts section of their enrollment form will be allowed to sign that student out. If the person you are sending to pick up your student is not on their form then the parent/guardian will need to submit in their own handwriting a note stating the name of the person to pick up the student, state that they have your permission to pick up your student and the note must be signed and dated. For your student's safety we cannot accept telephone communication to authorize someone to pick your student up. Due to the number of students attending HMS, please do not call and ask for your student to be pulled from class prior to your arrival unless it is a true emergency/urgent situation. Routine doctor and dental appointments do not create an urgent situation.

    Tardy Policy

    According to the Humble ISD Parent/Student Handbook:

    "All Students are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time to classes. Students who enter a class after the tardy bell sounds are a disruption to that class. At the middle schools, tardies are described as being late to class, being admitted after school begins, or returning to class with no admission permit. Each school has its own tardy policy."
    Disciplinary Consequences For Tardies:  (Discipline for tardies is per six weeks)

    1-4 Tardies               Warning/No Consequence

    5-9 Tardies               After School Detention

    10-15 Tardies           Friday Detention (Principal’s Discretion)

    *After 10 tardies, discipline is considered on a case by case basis.  Students who fail to complete assigned discipline will receive additional consequences. 

    When students are tardy to the 1st class of the day, they are considered late to school and must check in at the attendance window to receive a pass to class. When a student arrives after the 1st bell of the day, they will not be considered tardy if they have proof of a medical/dental appointment, or a note from a parent/guardian stating the reason for being late. The student must turn in their doctor, parent/guardian note on the day they are late. Notes to excuse a tardy will not be accepted at a later date. All  parent/guardian notes are subject to review by an administrator to determine if the reason is excusable. For example oversleeping, stopping to get breakfast, etc. are not excusable reasons for being tardy.