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  • Humble ISD will offer alternative medical plans alongside TRS ActiveCare plans in 2020-21. 

    2020-21 medical plan options

    2020-2021 Benefits Guide

    Benefits Enrollment Portal

    The Benefits Enrollment Portal is available to enroll in your benefits as a new hire and during the Humble ISD Annual Enrollment session held each year.  Mid-year Qualifying Events such as birth/adoption, marriage/divorce, change in dependent status, gain/loss of Medicaid/Medicare allow a 31 day period to notify the Benefits Department to begin the process to make a change to your benefits based on the event.  All benefit changes are time-sensitve therefore must be completed within 31 days of the event date. Please contact the Benefits Department to report when a Qualifying Event has occurred to begin the process of your change request. Supporting documents for all Qualifying Events will be required.  


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  • First Financial Group of America (FFGA) provide benefit administration services for Humble ISD.  FFGA representatives can help with benefit questions or issues.


    Valerie Clinkscales

    Account Manager
    800-523-8422 ext 7634 valerie.clickscales@ffga.com

    Morgan Mayo

    Customer Service Representative 281-641-8022