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Healthy Students Make Better Learners!

  • The MISSION of Humble ISD Health Services is to enhance the health and well being of the students, staff, and community thus supporting the education of all students through maximizing their educational time. 
     We see our professional nurses as: 
    • Supporting the individual and collective health needs of students, staff and community
    • Acknowledging the diversity of cultures within the district
    • Valuing the unique ideologies of students and families
    • Educating the students, staff and community by promoting health and wellness
    • Maintaining a superior level of professional competency as demonstrated by compliance with the Standards of Practice and Performance of School Nursing Practice

    Please see the following link for most current Covid Protocols:

    Covid Protocols 2022-23

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    Student Self Report Form


     Health Services in Humble ISD:

    The Humble ISD Health Services Department is aligned with the Accelerated Learning Department to provide school health services to all students. Every campus is staffed with a Registered Nurse and services include direct student services; required screenings; health instruction; case management for students with chronic illnesses; and consultation with parents concerning student health problems. Nurses also monitor compliance with the immunization requirements of the Texas Department of State Health Services as well as communicable disease surveillance.

    School clinics are staffed daily with a nurse or substitute nurse employed by Humble ISD. Services provided by the nurse are:
    • First aid
    • Assessment of illness
    • Monitoring ill students until they are well enough to return to class, or are released to their parent of guardian
    • Administration of medication medically necessary during the school day. *see Medications Policy
    • Creation and implementation of a plan of care for students with chronic illnesses
    • Screening for problems in vision, hearing, posture, and other health problems relevant to the school population
    • Evaluation of  immunization status to ensure compliance with Texas law on immunizations
    • Consultation and guidance in areas of medical concern by the student, parent, or teacher
    • Referral and follow-up of students in whom health problems have been identified
    • Prevention and control of communicable disease

    As per district policy, temperature above 100 degrees, vomiting, or diarrhea, require the student to stay home from school until symptom free without medication for 24 hours.

    **Please review the MEDICATION POLICY and also visit the MEDICATION AND CHRONIC ILLNESS FORMS for instructions and needed paperwork for medication in the clinic, as well as forms to be completed for students with chronic illnesses such as asthma or allergies.** Note that ALL MEDICATION MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE CLINIC BY AN ADULT AGE 18 OR OLDER IN ITS ORIGINAL PRESCRIPTION FORM WITH LABEL. REMEMBER TO CHECK EXPIRATION DATES. FORMS MUST BE COMPLETED EACH SCHOOL YEAR.