Welcome to Mr. Toole's 7th Grade Math Class!!!

  • Joe L. Toole III

    Room # 507





  • 8:30-9:20am - 1st Period 

    9:24-10:16am - Planning/Conference Period

    10:20-11:10am - 3rd Period

    11:10am-1:12pm - 4th Period

    • 11:10am-11:40pm Huddle
    • 11:39-12:09pm Lunch
    • 12:18-1:12pm Class Time

    1:16-2:06pm - 5th Period

    2:10-3:00pm - 6th Period

    3:04-4:00pm - 7th Period


    Late Arrival:

    9:55-10:30am -  1st Period

    10:34-11:09am - Planning/Conference Period

    11:13am-1:15pm -  4th Period

    • 11:13am-11:43pm Huddle 
    • 11:43-12:13pm Lunch
    • 12:17-1:15pm Class Time

    1:19-1:55pm - 3rd Period

    1:59-2:35pm - 5th Period

    2:39-3:15pm - 6th Period

    3:19-4:00pm - 7th Period


Class Motto

  • I AM ENOUGH, and from this point on,

    I will NEVER let anyone tell me any differently.



    • All Wednesdays 4:05-5:05pm

    *Subject to change depending on holidays or time-off. I will update weekly*