• Welcome

    to HMS Orchestra!


    Our Mission

    The mission of the Humble Middle School Orchestra is to provide an exciting, challenging, and supportive approach to music. Each student will develop musical knowledge and skills that emphasize problem-solving, critical-thinking, evaluating, and personal responsibility.


    Rehearsal Expectations

    1. Students will be in their chairs with their instruments out and ready to play 3 minutes after the tardy bell

    2. Students will not play or talk while I am giving instruction

    3. Students will have pencils out and ready

    4. Students will come to class ready to rehearse, which means that they have practiced at home and are ready to give their best

    5. Students will have a positive attitude and will not throw fits, stop playing, not participate, or distract those around them.


    Any disobeying of the above expectations will result in negative consequences.


    Negative Consequences

    1. Students will be marked tardy if they are not ready or out of their seats when their 3 minutes is up

    2. Students will receive 2 warnings for any disruption, and will be sent to the office for the third time

    3. Students will lose their instrument and do music worksheets (which are graded) until they show me they are ready to participate in class. 

    4. Students will call home


    If failure to comply with the expectations continue even after the negative consequences, the student will be removed from the Orchestra program and not allowed to take it as a course any longer.


    Orchestra Fee

    All Orchestra students are required to pay a yearly orchestra fee of forty dollars ($40.00). This fee covers the music book we play out of and sheet music, an orchestra t-shirt, and instrument repairs/instrument rental. This is always due no later than the first of October, and students will not be able to receive their orchestra shirt until they get it paid. If it is not paid by the first, it still must be paid in order for the student to receive the t-shirt and for any potential repairs to be made.

    *students who choose to play the bass are not required to pay the orchestra fee, HOWEVER they must still pay the $10 for their t-shirt.