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    Special Education Co-Teacher

    Tutoring available upon request any day before and after school

    Room 3112


    Advisory: 8:30-9:06

    1st: Conference (9:10-10:00)

    2nd: Dyslexia Intervention (10:04-10:54)

    3rd: Dyslexia Intervention (10:58-11:49)

    Lunch: 11:53-12:23

    4th: Dyslexia Intervention (12:27-1:18)

    5th: 8th grade RELA (1:22-2:12)

    6th: Dyslexia Intervention (2:16-3:06)

    7th: Dyslexia Intervention (3:10-4:00)





    I will be posting all assignments, updates, and resources to our class Schoology page.

    You can get to Schoology by clicking Students at the top of this screen, selecting the myHumble icon, and then the Schoology icon once logged in to myHumble.


    For parent access to Schoology:

    Please login to HAC, go to information, and there will be a code for you to enter in Schoology and make your own account to monitor your student's course work.


    If you have any questions, please let me know!


    "Believe you can, and you're halfway there!"~Theodore Roosevelt


    Thank you for helping our Dyslexia Intervention students become successful learners and readers at KMS! These tools will be beneficial to all 3 grade levels and accessible to both teachers and students to enrich learning. The link to browse is posted below. Thank you for your support!






Welcome to KMS