Welcome to the Autumn Creek Elementary Clinic

  • Happy Summer!

    The ACE Clinic is closed for summer break. Voicemail will not be checked until school starts in August.

    My conference time is 2:30-3:20 as time permits. Any messages that are not urgent will be returned during this time.


    • First aid
    • Assessment and monitoring of ill students until they return to class or are released to their parent or guardian
    • Medication administration in accordance with Humble ISD Medication Requirements
    • Care of students with chronic illnesses
    • Vision, hearing, diabetes, and posture screenings/referral and follow-up of students identified to be at risk for health problems
    • Communicable disease control and prevention:
      • Ensuring that student immunizations meet the requirements of Texas law
      • Monitoring students for symptoms of contagious illnesses and sending them home when necessary (see the Humble ISD Parent/Student Handbook for guidance on when to keep your child home)
    • Serving as a resource for parents/guardians and students for health-related questions and concerns 


    The mission of Humble ISD Health and Medical Services is to enhance the health and well being of the students, staff, and community thus supporting the education of all students through maximizing their educational time. 


    We see our professional school nurses as:

    • Supporting the individual and collective health needs of students, staff and community

    • Acknowledging the diversity of cultures within the district

    • Valuing the unique ideologies of students and families

    • Educating the student, staff, and community by promoting health and wellness

    • Maintaining a superior level of professional competency as demonstrated by compliance with the Standards of Practice and Performance of School Nursing Practice

    Rachel Datz, BSN, BA, RN

    CLINIC HOURS: 8:00 a.m.-3:20 p.m.


    Clinic Phone: 281-641-5705

    School Fax: 281-641-5717

    School Main Phone: 281-641-5700