Art Teacher Photo, A. Fort
  • Ashley Fort 
    Elementary Visual Art Teacher
    Room #601



    Hello!   I've lived in Texas most of my life with my husband of almost 23 years.  We frequently vacation to the northwest where the Oregon coast is my playground.  I'm a graduate from BYU-Idaho and currently working through my master's degree in Enviromental Education.  I'm fascinated by visual ecology and eco-art.  As an artist, I get most of my inspiration from the outdoors!  I'm known for having my students apply a lot of the colors, patterns, and textures that we see in mother nature to their own art projects. I enjoy nonfiction books, being outdoors, and just following my curiousities!



    4th Grade: 8:25-8:55

    5th Grade: 8:55-9:40

    3rd Grade: 9:50-10:35

    Conference: 10:35-11:20

    Lunch: 11:20-11:50

    Kindergarten: 11:50-12:35

    1st Grade: 12:35-1:20

    2nd Grade: 1:20-2:05

    Enrichment: 2:05-3:05

    Art Club: Thursdays  4-5pm



    We will meet once a week on Thursdays this year!  Each nine weeks, the students will get to explore a different art medium. Check the ART CLUB page for further information.