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    Strengthening Partnerships through Education

    Parent University is a series of classes that educate families on how to best prepare their students for success.  The workshops cover a wide range of topics such as life skills, college and career readiness, health and wellness and much more.  Anyone can register for the free Parent University classes and new classes will be added to the schedule throughout the year.  
    Parent University utilizes Eventbrite for online registrations.  You will need to create a free account to register for any of the workshops below.
    If there are topics you would like to see addressed in a future Parent U class, please email Community Development.
  • Skills for Life

    Social & Emotional Learning Series: Optimistic Thinking: Virtual September 2 Optimistic thinking is one of the Great 8 Social Emotional Learning Skills that Humble ISD teaches to students.  Join us to learn how you can encourage your child to be more resilient when facing challenges by using optimistic thinking. Missed it?  Get the handouts here

    Together for Mental Health:  A Learning Series for Caregivers Virtual October 28 Mental health and suicide can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or background. In this workshop, we will raise awareness of mental health crises and suicidal thoughts. You will receive information about warning signs, risk factors, and resources to navigate a mental health crisis. 

    Social & Emotional Learning Series: Self Management - Virtual November 4
    Is your child feeling overwhelmed with school assignments?  Are extracurricular activities causing more stress than fun?  Self-management is one of the Great 8 Social Emotional Skills taught in Humble ISD and crucial for students in achieving their goals.  Join us to find out ways to support your child as they learn to self-manage. 

    The Mark of Your Digital Footprint:
     Virtual November 9 Every email, post, photo and click you make online leaves a trail. By just visiting an online article, you’re adding to your ever-growing string of breadcrumbs online. It’s permanent, it follows you for life and it’s not going anywhere—it’s your digital footprint. Learn what you need to know about managing your online presence and how to talk to your kids about theirs! Missed it? Get the handout here. See the video presentation here.

    Together for Mental Health: Exploring the Counseling Process Virtual November 18 How do you find someone when you're asking for help? Does therapy work? We will discuss mental health services and how to find the one that is right for you, your child or your family. We will share how to find a highly trained clinician, questions to ask, what to look for in a counselor or therapist and how the counseling process looks. Guest Speaker: Ashley Taylor, Heights Family Counseling Social Worker

    Together for Mental Health: Managing Holiday Stress Virtual December 9 There can be pressure to do everything in November, December and January - planning the holiday events, traveling to visit family, saying yes to every event, finishing year-end responsibilities and the financial burdens of holiday shopping is a lot. The holiday hustle and bustle can take a toll on everyone, even those that may have never experienced a mental illness. Join us as we discuss coping skills, setting boundaries, and being present while all the presents are being open. Register Here

    Together for Mental Health: Love is Respect Virtual January 27 Learn about the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy dating relationships, early warning signs and factors that may increase risks for dating violence and ways you can promote healthy relationships. We will discuss the media's portrayal of healthy and unhealthy relationships and how you can bring awareness to the community in February for Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. Register Here

    Together for Mental Health: Community Resource Fair Atascocita High School February 24 This free opportunity will feature representatives from a range of community providers to help students, families and staff maintain mental health and wellness. Meet and greet with providers and have opportunities to win prizes! Register Here

    Social & Emotional Learning Series: Goal Directed Behavior - Virtual February 3 Do you think about what you want to accomplish, how to accomplish it and then do it? That is goal directed behavior.  Join this session to learn how you can encourage this behavior in your child at home and school. Register Here

    Social & Emotional Learning Series: Relationship Skills:
     Virtual April 7 Connecting with others is important!  But does your child have the relationship skills to build strong connections?  Join us to learn how to support your child in building healthy relationships with others. Register Here

  • Navigating Education

    Gifted & Talented Awareness: Should I Refer My Child?: Virtual August 30  Come and explore the common characteristics of Gifted and Talented students. Learn what to do if you feel your child has particular advanced academic needs. Parents will learn how and when to refer children for gifted services. Missed it?  Get the handouts here.

    Rigorous Coursework - AP, Dual Credit, IB or OnRamps: Virtual December 13 Get information about navigating which advanced learning options are best for your student. We'll provide information about advanced coursework including Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, UT OnRamps, International Baccalaureate, AVID, as well as Sconzo Early College High School. Here's the handout and Here's the recording

    SAT? ACT? Which Test is Right for Your Student and How to Prepare: Virtual February 2 With options of both SAT and ACT for college entrance, what's the difference between the two and which one should you take? After choosing an exam, what's the best way to prepare for the exam to maximize your score? Come learn the ins and outs of both the SAT and ACT suite of assessments and see what Humble ISD provides for all high school students as they prepare to take these exams. Time will be spent providing an overview of both exam suites, test preparation resources, and addressing the impact of test-optional college admission. Register Here


    101 Ways to Volunteer: Virtual September 30 There are 101 ways to volunteer at your child’s school and still have time to prepare dinner for your family. Find your passion volunteering to serve in ways that make a difference. Cut out laminating, sort colors and numbers while watching TV. Write a note thanking a teacher. Teach an art class. Join this virtual workshop to learn the many ways you can do what you love to do to help others.

    The Art of Communication: Virtual October 21 Communication is the key to building strong relationships and growing leaders. Learn the techniques to help become a better communicator. Topics discussed will be verbal and non-verbal communication cues, seven social skills to avoid, and four skills to incorporate when communicating. 

    Recruiting Future Leaders: Virtual January 25 How do you spot a leader? Do they solve problems quickly? Seeing a need and jumping in right away? Come and learn the traits of a leader with a heart to serve. Register Here

    Appointed or Elected? Guidelines for Nomination Committees: Virtual February 17 Do Parent Group leaders magically appear at the start of a new school year? How does a Nomination Committee work and what is the proper process? Attend this session and participate in a mock Nomination Committee meeeting. Register Here

    Delegating: A Time Management Skill: Virtual April 21 Busy. Busy. No time left in the day to get everything accomplished. Delegating tasks is a skill. Join us and learn the basic strategies of delegation and have more time for yourself and family. Register Here

    Special Education Resources

    Child Find and the Special Education Process:
    Watch the video here

    The Admision, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Process: Watch the video here

    Mosaic Transition College Outreach Program: Watch the video here


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